SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

Unless you’ve been in a cave or on an island without internet, I’m sure you heard Betty White was the host of SNL this weekend.  That was enough incentive for me to watch it, but I can’t speak for Jeremy. Despite her not being on Facebook, the campaign to get Betty White to host SNL that was started on Facebook was successful.  She crushed it – and performed in almost every skit throughout the night.  SNL brought out some of my favorite skits: the NPR delicious dish women and the Lawrence Welk show.  Betty White’s career in acting and television is long and distinguished, (including her discovery a small town weatherman she thought had potential named David Letterman) and this article claims it’s arguable that she has spent more time on television than anyone.


Yet another reason I should look into deleting my Facebook account …. more privacy issues.  It’s getting old.


A really interesting article reflecting on the background and environment of men’s lacrosse and how that mindset and mentality might have played into the tragedy at UVA written by a contemporary of George Huguely’s.


My favorite gnocchi recipe from EatingWell magaine.


Ferris Bueller is tweeting.  Or was.  Twitter based re-enactment of the 25 year-old throughout the movie (@ferris_bueller_).  Locations were also being updated via foursquare.  He’s tweeted the plot of his whole movie and it’s kind of left me wanting more.


Never, ever date a Flyers fan.  Even if she shaves her mustache. The Bruins play tonight and I’m hoping home ice can help secure a win.


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