HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

Red Sox + Lost = choking back tears.

I have a Case of the Mondays. More like a case of the “I’ll never get to watch a new episode of Lost.” As downhill as the show seemed to go seasons 3-5, it picked right back up this season and ended with an amazing finale last night.  Seriously, it’s almost like one of my sports teams just left the city, they didn’t let go of a bunch of players and sign/trade for new ones, they are gone. Forever.  Obviously, given the subject matter, this is my favorite scene.  My favorite moment is here.


My favorite google “Autocomplete Me” of the week.


Back to Lost….this time a bit less seriously though.  I usually can’t stand cats, but this is pretty funny.  Though it kind of annoys me that apparently you can put anything on youtube, and as long as it includes cats you are going to get an assload of views.


I may have put this up before…but they have updated it, and it’s impossible to have too much Tom Selleck anyway.

I aspire to have a mustache such as this one day.


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