SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

It was obvious that Britney Spears started packing on the pounds when she threw back 17 frappachinos from Starbucks a day.  Just in case she’s looking or a new high calorie liquid habit, here is a list of the 20 worst drinks in America and their caloric equivalent in food.


For those of us who love food but hate the hassle of coming up with a menu or recipe: this little gem.


Also, not sure how I feel about this in relation to my age, but Pac Man turned 30.  He’s not dealing with it really well.


Too hungover to digest and reflect upon your graduation speech yesterday?  Here’s a graduation message for any new fledgling graduates out there.  Also, congratulations.  I remember feeling incredibly both terrified and unbound.  The world was my oyster and I was hell bent on exploring and dominating it.


The Mississippi River is now closed to the Gulf of Mexico due to severe oil contamination.

I was kind of hoping that some lessons would be taken away from the oil spill in the Gulf.  Maybe, at the least, that we would take some time to step back, assess the problem, the causes of the spill and how to best move forward safely.  Instead, 19 new permits have been issued for more drilling. The spin is that these are not new drilling projects, but new work on existing projects.  Apparently preventing another disaster is not high on the to do list.


I’m running in a marathon in 6 days.  In light of this, I thought I would revisit one of our posts from last September on running long distances.  Jeremy is a HUGE fan.


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