HE SAID: Mom, Dad I’m Home!

Wow, the two situations are not even in the same stratosphere.  Not even close, I feel like not responding would be the only dignified thing to do.  Alas, that is not how the blog works.

I’ll describe my situation first: I am a grad student, with a mortgage.  I am not selling my place, nor even renting it out just in case during my sojourn home I’d like access to my place in Vermont.  By staying (not ‘living’, there is a distinct difference) at home I have the opportunity to A. make $75/hour teaching tennis B. save some cash which I desparately need C. live by the ocean D. complete a 30 page paper with no distractions (besides my mother asking me to clean my room).  Also, I’ll have friends home on the weekends who have boats…so there.  They also have a really nice TV providing crystal clear coverage of Red Sox games.

I’m not going to lie – it’s pretty effing ideal for my situation.  Now, Nifer – your situation, for you, would be concurrently improved if I had $200 in my back pocket right now.  Oops, sorry.  That’s from Good Will Hunting.  What I meant to say is that your situation has been completely different.  I won’t get into details because after all, it’s personal and your story…however I’d be remiss to say that I wasn’t making fun of you living with your mom; I was making fun of you living with your mom while someone very important in your life (a friend, that’s also a boy…perhaps some would refer to him as a boyfriend) was also living with his Mom.

Maybe we should insert a poll here, and let people vote “Which situation is funnier?”

To be fair…there are some definite drawbacks to “staying” at home for a month or so.  My mother is a bit of a nag, I’ll be sleeping in the same bed I slept growing up in (which I think is even smaller than a twin), and my parents generally don’t really leave the homestead for any longer than a few hours.  Suffice it to say, it might be tough to get laid.  Consider the fact though that it’s not like I’m slaying chicks left and right in Vermont anyway, and it’s not much of a loss.  Wanna know something awesome? I wrote that whole paragraph just so I could use the word “slay.”  I think it’s hilarious, but you should know I’d never use it seriously.  Probably.

That’s it, end of story.  Bottom line is I’m looking forward to my little staycation at home, and I don’t really care what anyone thinks…my co-writer on the other hand, apparently did, hence her need to publicly defend it.


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