SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

I have a sneaking suspicion you’re going to get some sports links from Jeremy, so I haven’t included any.

Here’s a moonrise picture for you, taken from my phone, so it’s not the best quality.


I could see my little guy doing something like this:

Thanks, Mason.


The Awl has published a segment of a diary of an unemployed class of ’10 Philosophy major in NYC.  I suggest you read it.


We used to have bats in our house.  I don’t think they looked like this, or at least they didn’t in my head when I heard them whooshing above me in the dark.

Thank, Maggie.


Some AT&T ads from 1993 with the catch phrase, “you will.”  Pretty interesting to check out in 2010.


2 Responses to SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

  1. Haa, I hadn’t seen that ad, terrific!

  2. harmonyife says:

    the “You Will” ad is pretty cool. 17 years later and majority of those things have become part of everyday life. Crazy. It’s always fun to watch old commercials like that.

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