HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

I’m actually writing this Sunday night, because after four 10 hour tennis teaching days, capped off with day drinking on a boat, I think I am going to sleep until noon tomorrow…and I can do that since I have nothing to do for three weeks. Sweet.

This is NSFW…but is a hilarious Lebron commercial about the rumors that former teammate was ‘having relations’ with Bron Bron’s mom.


My favorite current Brett Favre is retiring article (with subtle hints that Favre is a dbag)


Not one of the new tracks, but the closing number at Arcade Fire’s “Unstaged” youtube concert last week at MSG.


Because of the awful experience I had with US Airways this week, I figured I would provide you with google results for the term ‘US air sucks’…there is actually some funny crap out there.


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