HE SAID: Passive Aggressiveness

Ok, so apparently Nifer, you are not a fan of passive aggressiveness.  Well, here is some active aggressiveness…EFF YOU! You wrote, “But Jeremy going to such great and very public lengths to get my attention instead of calling, texting, emailing, IM-ing me to get my ass in gear and post was not expected.”  I am here to sit on a pulpit and set the record straight…in a way you are correct, because I absolutely was an ass in the way I went about getting your attention over the past couple of weeks.  In addition to the status you referred to, I also included this little zinger in the last case of the mondays post – “Oh, and enjoy them…they very well could be the last.”  I was implying that if you didn’t get your ass into gear, I was going to quit.  Luckily for you, and our 16 readers, you stepped up.

Back to my point, you hate passive aggressiveness, I hate liars.  If I could only somehow get a hold of text message conversations and scroll through our thousands of gchat lines to count the amount of times we discussed, in a very PRIVATE setting, your lack of blog activity.  So, as I said earlier, EFF YOU.

Ok, now that we are done with that, I’m actually surprised I was so effective with my passive aggressive attacks, only because I grew up in what according to Nifer, an obvious anti-semite (I kid, I kid), was an a-typical Jewish household.  That is, there was no passive-aggressiveness, especially on the part of my mom.  It was not, “that dishwasher isn’t going to empty itself,” so much as “empty the dishwasher, now.” My sister didn’t vent her anger at me by some passive aggressive tactic, instead she used to scratch me, far more direct. Maybe it’s just ingrained in my Jewish DNA.

This guy is kind of a Dane Cook wanna be, and since Dane Cook is lame in the first place (perhaps a whole other blog topic), that makes this guy a huge dbag – however he does have some decent tips on how to be passive aggressive – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDzoVtts3qU.

Finally, my passive aggressive facebook behavior was not “a cry for pity,” as you called it.  It was a call to action, clearly it worked.  And as frustrated as I have been this summer at your blog behavior, I am extremely happy to see you back.  Of course, we have probably missed out on thousands of potential readers and advertising dollars, but don’t worry, it’s not entirely your fault.


One Response to HE SAID: Passive Aggressiveness

  1. friend says:

    this is awkward

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