Welcome to a first ever live action blog…I have never seen a second of the Fox Television hit show “Glee,” and the kiddies tell me it’s all the rage these days.  So I think it might be fun to watch an entire episode (provided I have the stomach to get through it), and give you some reactions.  I’m watching Season 2, show 4 titled “Duets.”

Pre-Introduction – About what I expected, unfunny humor from  a random assortment of characters.  Nice to see a variety of skin totes and sexual preference though, this is definitely not the cast from my beloved Bevery Hills, 90210, where the sighting of anyone not straight or white was a big deal.

About the 2:50 mark – Holy S%IT! Kevin McHale was in the credits…no wonder this show is such a success. First he won titles with the Celtics in the 80’s, then has made a joke of the Timbewolves franchise more recently.  Obviously he is trying to bounce back with television.

3:37 – Two chicks in cheerleader outfits kissing on a bed talking about taking a break from “scissoring.” I’m sold!

5:45 –  Two members sing the duet, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” And by ‘sing,’ I mean obviously lip sync, quite crappily I might add.

7:05 – The sexual tension here is obvious.  They should just get it over with and go at it on the piano in front of everyone.

13:30-15:30 – The gay character has a pretty intense conversation with his Dad (who I can only imagine based on his gruffness probably had a difficult time with his son’s open homosexuality during season 1, as a plot device).  I was actually quite impressed with this scene, well done and surprisingly well acted…finally.

17:00- 26:00 – I got a phone call that was not important.  Unfortunately for Glee, the show has pretty much sucked as much as I figured it would to this point so I did not consider pausing it.  Though I do hope I didn’t miss anymore female cheerleaders kissing each other.

28:09 – Is it just me, or is there something odd about two guys working out on a punching bag saying things like “you tried to kiss her? Major Glee party foul dude!”?

28:18 – Do the cheerleaders only wear their cheerleading outfits?

30:00-31:00 – One of the cheerleaders that was making out at the beginning of the episode just picked up her duet partner (who is in a wheelchair), laid him down on her bed and it was implied that during the commercial break she was going to take his virginity.  I honestly thought this was a kids show…this is a cable deal away from being as sweet as ‘Californication.’

33:00-35:00 – Another obviously lip synced crappy song.  This show sucks.

40:00 – The winners of the duet contest sit down to their free dinner at what is supposed to be an awesome restaurant called Breadsticks.  The food looks awful.  This show is awful. I want the last 42 minutes of my life back.

41:00- End – The musical montage just made me throw up in my mouth a little.  Enough said.

Bottom line is this – I understand the hype around ‘Glee,’ and why some people like it.  I don’t get how people are so enamored with this show that “Gleeks” are now a part of pop culture.  But then again there was a year in my life where I was addicted to the WWE, so what the hell do I know.


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