SHE SAID: Language!

I know, even as I’m writing this title much less the post, that Jeremy is going to have a field day with me on this one.  And I also realize that I’m going to sound like I’m 90 years old, but I wanted to ask those of you who are out and about around children to refrain from dropping f bombs and referring to women as c u next tuesdays and regaling your companion about sh*t storms and mother f’ers and whatnot.

It’s not that I want to limit your free speech, even though that is what I’m asking, but my little man, my little six year old who hears everything I don’t want him to but can’t hear me ask him to bring his plate to the sink, he hears what you’re saying.  And I have this fear that he’ll hear you talking in the grocery store parking lot (and I’m sorry if you had a terrible horrible no good very bad day and were just lamenting the fact on the phone in the most passionate and descriptive way you could come up with on the spot) and start using those words which I think we can all agree would just be really inappropriate.  Before we encountered you, the most terrible word he knew was poop.  And I kind of liked that.  He knew I wasn’t a fan of “hate” or “can’t” or “fat”, but now we have a whole new list of words to add to that list, and possibly, though I hope this isn’t the case, to explain.

And yes, I have sworn in front of him, so I’m not free of guilt here and I understand the occasional slip.  It’s more the constant stream of swears that you were unleashing in a really public place probably unaware of all of us around you who were suddenly included in your phone call.

I understand the feeling of a good f bomb when you’re pissed off, or feel a sharp and unexpected pain.  I get how nicely those four letter words roll of the tongue.  How good it can feel to utter the right swear at the right time.  All I’m asking is that you do it when there are little ones, ie: that little guy with the wide eyes staring at you and taking in your fervency, aren’t within hearing distance.


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