About JeremyAbout Jeremy

Favorite Sports: fantasy baseball; the bathroom sprint; dreidel; micro runs

Enjoys: zip-hoodies; three levels of layering; trivial pursuit domination; truth or dare; white russians; the red sox; pearl jam; papelboners; the Triple S; making top three lists; bringing bad beer to a party

Does Not Enjoy: mushrooms, triple mushroom quesadillas, mushroom paninis, stuffed mushroom caps, portabella mushroom burgers, being falsely accused of murder; the word tweet; the movie “the holiday”; waking up alone on Christmas; most apple products; PDA; being pressured to post

Things Jeremy Consumes: gazpacho; microwaveable parm chicken; charleston chew

Sworn Enemies: The Fratelli Family; Kelly Taylor; A-Rod; TEAP

Exalted Heros: Jonathan Papelbon; Dylan McKay; Holden Caulfield; Bill Simmons

Quote: “So what are we up to this weekend?” – Said on Monday, 9am

About NiferAbout Nifer

Favorite Activities: Does it really matter? She is late to them all anyway.

Enjoys: Rockband on medium level, Singing, Hockey, Outdoor Activities, Working on her Macbook Pro in public places, reciting The Lorax from memory.

Does not enjoy: Moving around onstage while singing, Magic Hat #9, Magic Hat Circus Boy, Magic Hat in general, Her pink hockey jersey.

Things Nifer Consumes: Stella, Red Grapes, Spicy Popcorn, Pepperoncinis.  Ben &Jerry’s Vanilla. That’s it. Seriously.

Sworn Enemies: Not sure there is enough room…

Quote: “On my way…” – Said as she is just getting into the shower.

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