HE SAID: Words with Friends

May 27, 2011

There are 3 facts that I know about myself: 1. I am a nerd…I like to think of myself as one of those, “cool nerds,” but even that probably isn’t true. 2. I am in love with my iPhone4. 3. In direct relation to fact #2, I am, quite literally, obsessed with the ‘Words with Friends’ application. At this time, I have approximately 12 games going…and yes, all those games are with actual friends, not with strangers. I’m not that desperate. It might even interest you to know that I am 1-0 all time against “She Said.” In fact, she was forced to resign because she didn’t play a single move after I started a game. I don’t want to say that’s typical of her, but it’s typical of her.

The beauty of having so many games going at once is pretty much at any given time, I have a move to make. This means that I can now cancel all the magazine subscriptions I have (ESPN, SI, & Entertainment Weekly for those wondering), not to mention stop risking my laptop further damage. Why? You might ask. Because I can bring my iPhone with me into the pooper and make a move. And if it so happens that it is a rare occurrence where I have no moves to make, I’ll play some Angry Birds. Of course, the former might be exposing myself to some future preparation H use, but eff it. The games are that fun.

Not that Words with Friends is perfect, mind you. As always, I do have some issues. First and foremost, they need to figure out how to eliminate trial and error from the game. I mean for effs sake, I threw down S-E-X-T-O-N with ‘x’ on a triple letter and the word on a double word for  a substantial amount of points. Turns out the word refers to a church official in charge of ringing the bell. You think if we were playing Scrabble and someone challenged me I would’ve been confident that it was an actual word? Hell no. I only played it because I just went to a Martin Sexton concert last month.

Along those same lines, and this is not the responsibility, but cheating simply should be punishable by banishment of the application. There are some people I play who play multiple words in a row that reek of cheating. There is trial and error (lame), and there is using words that Charles Rudolph Quirk (can you believe there is a Wiki page for ‘famous linguists’?) has never heard of (wrong). I feel like I should be able to point this out to the developers of Words with Friends, and on a case by case basis they can decide to delete the app from the wrong-doers phone and not allow it to be downloaded again. Too harsh?

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

April 25, 2011

Is it blasphemous to refer to the Celtics, Bruins & Red Sox as the Holy Trinity, especially the day after Easter? Well those three are a combined 12-0 so trust me it is tempting. As a result, these links promise to be fun, and not all depressing.

So I could give a crap, but I’m pandering to the (female) masses here…a schedule for what to watch on this Royal Wedding Week.


Something tells me Ference didn’t mind opening his wallet for $2,500. Im sure he thinks it was worth….especially since he’ll get over $10,000 worth of alcohol bought for him in Boston bars.


Um, this is perfect. Probably not completely safe for work.


This movie looks kind of Catcher in the Rye-ish, kind of sweet, kind of predictable, but whatever.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

April 18, 2011

It’s Marathon Monday…and you know what that means! Nothing really, besides me watching the Red Sox game at 11 before I get my day started.

Here is short video for those wanting a Boston Marathon course preview.


Lets hope the marathon doesn’t end in this fashion. Effing Junior.


Can someone confirm that when I hear this crap it is actually true and not just extreme Left Wing fodder?

HE SAID: Language!

April 13, 2011

I was going to tear you to pieces about this post, then I watched this youtube clip, and realized I wouldn’t want my kid turning out like this either.

Um, yeah…I think that’s pretty much it from me. Seriously. Watch your language around kids.

Or, do not place them in situations where you know they might hear bad language. You know, perhaps you have certain acquaintances (who may or may not have an extremely similar sounding name to your) that use terrible language frequently. Maybe make sure your kid realizes that person is not someone whom he/she should emulate.

That’s it. I’m done.



HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

March 28, 2011

Opening Day is 3 days away, so baseball will be the theme of today. If you don’t know baseball too well, click here for a brief history, Terrence Mann style.


The only commercial that ever inspired me to buy Nike.


So if the above two videos make me proud to be a baseball & Red Sox fan, this makes me want to cut all ties I have with Boston.


Finally, some awesome tips for your Fantasy draft, courtesy of SportsPickle.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

March 21, 2011

Just came across a band called ‘Electric Six.’ Unbelievable stuff…here are a couple of my favorite videos. This crap is ABSURD (possibly not safe for work)


Some epic pics of this week’s supermoon.


probably my favorite ‘crank text‘ so far from college humor.

HE SAID: The Doctor’s Office

March 16, 2011

“See, you know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to *hold* the reservation…” Seinfeld.

Substitute the word ‘appointment’ for ‘reservation,’ and you get pretty much every single experience I have had with the doctor, and dentist for that matter. Yesterday I had an appointment to have a cyst removed from my lip at 330 (fyi, I really wanted to post this last night, it would have been super fun to try to hash all these thoughts out knocked up on some painkillers, but I already ramble enough incomprehensibly…so alas). It was a relatively minor operation, which only took 30 minutes once I got on the table. It was getting on the table that was the difficult part. I knew I was in trouble when my mother, who has been to this office a few times before for some benign skin cancer removal (and probably some botox even though she won’t admit it), asked me, “How many pages left do you have in that book?”

Me, “Book? What book? Reading is for losers and geeks that don’t get girls.” Then I remembered I am a geek who doesn’t get girls, so I said, “about 40 pages.”

She said, “You might want to bring another book.”

I did, and I read about 35 pages of that one before I finally got called in for surgery prep…and then another 15 while I waited for the doctor to finally come in.

Listen, I’m not going to sit here and complain that the doctor should have seen me as soon as I stepped into his office, because that would be detrimental to other people. But I can sit here and bitch about the system itself. I mean I guess if a new doctor is opening a new practice and doesn’t fully comprehend how long each type of appointment takes I can understand why delays might happen. I can even understand that more established doctros can’t foresee every single delay. So it’s not as if I expect to be seen on time each and every single time I go see a doctor or dentist. But once, just effing once, I’d like to check in for a 3:30 appointment at 3:28, take a leak, and get called in.

I was going to write an entire paragraph or more about how they should stop over scheduling, and leave a little more leeway for patients…but that would’ve launched me into doctors chasing more money than they already make, but that would’ve launched me into our healthcare system in general, and this is neither the time or place. Besides, my Dad is a doctor, doesn’t chase money, and sees ALL his patients on time…