“read it the other day and was very impressed, and i think, im dead serious now
that whoever nifer is, that someone should write a screen play about a girl and boy that have a blog like yours’
and then make them fall in love and do all the douchey stuff that you rant against in the process” – Sasha P.

“brilliant!  i’m putting it in my favorites!”  – Elizabeth Kenny

“Your blog rocks! I added it to my Google Reader so I won’t miss any updates.” –Rolando Garcia

“Your and nifer’s blog is hilarious.  Love it” -Bethany

“I just spend 45 minutes at work reading your blog.  I had to stop when I started laughing out loud.” -Taylor

“I found myself reading this garbage because it’s Jerry’s (and Nifer’s apparently), and then I started to enjoy it. Keep the posts coming.” – Ben

2 Responses to Reviews

  1. nifer i also love this blog! i can hear your voice in your writings — and they are great. down with D-bags!

  2. onedadslife says:

    Damn great idea for a blog. That shit’ll make ya famous!

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