HE SAID: American Idol

January 25, 2010

In many respects, you are right, Nifer.  American Idol is overkill at this point, and while you and I wish FOX would cancel the show and replace it with something like an hour straight of “The Cleveland Show,” the problem remains that its ratings are still off the charts.  People watch the show, quite effing religiously.

I was thinking the above couple of thoughts and then realized A. “The Cleveland Show” is garbage, I think Fox should pour its resources into making ’24’ into the show it was the first five seasons or so and B. most people are stupid.  I’m not saying that all people who watch American Idol are stupid, I’m saying most people in general are stupid.  Thus, logically, it stands to reason that American Idol survives because our nation, collectively, is not a smart one.

BUT, and obviously, this is a huge ‘but,’ then you have moments like this (for those too lazy to click on the link, it’s the Pants on the Ground dude).  This shit is genuinely funny.  You can’t help but laugh at it.  And while generally there aren’t moments nearly as funny as this one, there are plenty of times I’ve seen those prelim episodes and found myself laughing a bit.  So, yes, I admit it…I catch some AI.  Typically those first few episodes will be my secondary or even tertiary option, depending on the amount of sports that are on.  And while your comments on Randy are spot on, I do find Simon Cowell entertaining enough not to want to throw rocks at.  But if you could lay off Paula Abdul, I’d appreciate it.

Do I wish the winners and runners up on American Idol weren’t actually famous, and didn’t make millions of dollars for typically having little musical talent (at least compared to bands like this or that – shameless plugs, I know, but it’s my blog post and I can do what I want)?  That being said, there are enough entertaining moments in the first few episodes of the show to make it worthwhile, which is more than I can see for most of the crap that fills our airwaves.  Why people would watch the serious episodes and actually waste time calling or texting to vote is waaaay beyond me though; but there is lots I don’t understand, like why Ronnie from Jersey Shore wasn’t on the short bus in middle school, but that’s a whole different story.