HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

September 6, 2010

Anyone else have to work today? I do.  But given I’ve got about 15 five day weekends coming up, I’ll suck it up. So for anyone else stuck in an office, this is for you…

I bet all parties involved are from the NY/NJ metro area.


Here is a link to Bill Simmons podcasts, I strongly urge you go and check out his two-parter in celebration of 9.02.10 day.


Some pretty awesome pics of Hurricane Earl…from outer space…and some from the ground.


50cent shows us how one should run a twitter feed.

HE SAID: The 1990s

April 22, 2010

I feel like lots of my time on this blog has been devoted casual references to the epic 1980s.  And besides a few mentions of shows like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved by the Bell, we really haven’t given enough credence to the 1990s.  Lots of cool shit went down in the 90s, and I’d like to tell you about some of them

1. The first thing that stands out is 1990s movies that tried so desperately to pretend they were still in the 80s.  Side Out, Days of Thunder, Point Break, Aspen Extreme…all movies made in the 90s.  Hell, Aspen Extreme was made in 1993! Oh and sidenote – if you haven’t seen Side Out, the beach volleyball movie starring C. Thomas Howell and Courtney Throne Smith, netflix the shit out of it.  These movies, from the cheesy soundtracks to the wardrobes scream 1980s, and its sweet.

2. Remember when you could wear a flannel shirt because Eddie Vedder rocked one? Or a cardigan because Kurt Cobain made them popular (I refuse to mention Mr. Rogers, who still gives me nightmares)? Perhaps you forgot, which is easy to do because of all the indie hipsters out there who have made these articles of clothing impossible to wear without the requisite skinny jeans (luckily, we are somewhat safe in Vermont).

3. Speaking of Eddie and Kurt, on the whole the music produced in the 1990s was WAY more memorable than what we get these days.  40 years later and we still talk about the Beatles/Floyd/Zeppelin etc, and in 20 years bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam will still be known to all (and yes, U effing 2 – though they are an 80s and 90s band).  Hell even Britney Spears will probably be talked about, if only because she’ll be making her 17th comeback.  But music the past 10 years or so, while I’ve enjoyed it, has produced very few, if any bands or artists that have a good chance of making it well into our future. Lady Gaga included.

4. While the 1990s was a decade of futility for teams (Patriots made one super bowl, sucked the rest of the decade; Celtics had their second player in 7 years die of cocaine issues and were a joke; the Red Sox spawned teams that featured names like Damon Buford; and the Bruins weren’t even on anyone’s radar), they were in a sense more enjoyable to watch.  I didn’t know every single thing about every single player – from what PED they were taking to what nightclub they were at trying to have sex with a young coed.  I don’t condone this action, but sometimes ignorance is bliss.

5. I really feel like bad, yet incredibly watchable TV was paramount in the 90s (90210 will not be listed here, it is not a bad show) – Party of Five, Walker Texas Ranger, Melrose Place, Califronia Dreams, Saved the Bell: The College Years, Friends…yup, I said Friends, that show sucked.  Why? Cause Ross is a huge tool. He Said, OUT!

SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays

April 19, 2010

I love xkcd.com.  Smart, funny, endearing and the guy is, to put it mildly, a bit of a math/science nerd.  I’m a fan.


If I could get confirmation that this guy is declaring his love for Brenda Walsh, I think I could take a lot of joy in teasing Jeremy about being only the second biggest 90210 fan for the rest of his life.


Dwarf catching has been officially recognized as a sport and is going to be in the 2012 Olympics.  It’s being included in the summer games as the snow depth might give the hunters an unfair advantage in the winter months.


A while back, I wrote some lyrics and a friend set them to music.  While the video isn’t all that exciting, he’s clearly very talented and I figured some variation in Monday postings would be fun.

I’ll spare you the lyrics in their entirety, but here is the first verse …

surviving on empty vapors that outlived the dream
as disgusted as empty hands still seeping nicotine
and the groundwork we laid before we doused it with kerosene
all weightless and formless with both sides burned from the steam.

HE SAID: TV Reunions

March 3, 2010

Fresh off this clip (which is almost a year old, but I just saw it for the first time today), I started thinking quite a bit about what TV show casts I’d like to see reunited.  Clearly, Saved by the Bell is going to be on the list:

#1 – Saved by the Bell – Imagine this get together – the key high school years only.  I’m talking Zack, A.C., Screech, Kelly, Lisa and Jesse.  You know what, screw it…through in Belding, the Carosi’s and Tori as well.  How much fun would it be to see them hanging out at the Max again, knowing that Dustin Diamond has only made it through the past couple of decades because of a sex tape (where apparently he shows off his rather large midsection).  And chances are pretty high that Jesse Spano ended up addicted to drugs in real life after the Showgirls debacle…

#2 – Full House – What could be better than Danny Tanner (who we all know now is a dirty pervert) trying to give life lessons to Stephanie, who had a meth addiction I believe, and the effing Olsen twins.  Actually, I want this to be on HBO or something, I want to see Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis naked.

#3 – BH 90210 – As if you didn’t know this was going to make this list.  Do we think Brandon and Dylan still have the same sweet haircuts? Did Kelly turn out normal after getting raped, addicted to coke, raped again, almost dying in a fire, murdering her rapist, etc etc etc?  What do Donna’s boobs like like now? Is Andrea in a Jewish nursing home yet? The questions are literally endless.

#4 – Small Wonder – Is Vicki the Robot still alive? If so, does she have any “issues” because her brother Jamie definitely tried to hook up with her at some point.  I mean, it’s a robot…not REALLY his sister.

#5 – Golden Girls – Yes, I realize Sophia and Dorothy are no longer with us.  But I’d still be interested.  How are Rose and Blanche coping with a house of just two?  We all know Rose is still killing it in comedy, her super bowl commercial was pretty epic, even spawning a “Have Betty White host SNL” facebook group.  The real wonder is that Blanche is somehow still alive, and hasn’t died from multiple STD’s.  She was the first women I came across that I knew was a slut.

I wonder in 15 or so years if my list will look similar.  I can tell you one thing, the Lost cast will not be added…you know how I want this show to end, I want them all to die, because I hate them, just like a I hate JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelfucker.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

March 1, 2010

Congratulations all you workers…while you are reading this I’ll be in bed sleeping off a 3 day bender.

90210 Fans, you must look at this (courtesy of some lame friend I have that doesn’t like 90210 reruns on Soap Net).


I don’t miss too much when it comes to pop culture, but somehow I missed Will Ferrell performing “Freebird” on Conan’s last show, with quite a supporting cast.  If I missed it, some of you must have as well.


Darth Vader’s twitter page (warning: only funny to Star Wars geeks).


Watching this trailer more than 5x a day until it comes out will happen.  Look at the cast + director, it really can’t go wrong.  But it does beg the question: what the eff is Leo D. doing a movie without Scorcese?!!?

HE SAID: BH 90210

April 26, 2009

It’s Sunday morning, I’ve already seen SportsCenter about 11 times since last night, which would generally leave most men with nothing to watch.  However, I am not most men.  I am lucky enough as part of my Comcast Cable package to get the SOAP Network, meaning that I can watch repeats of Beverly Hills, 90210 for four hours this morning.

I’m not going to defend Beverly Hills, 90210 as a whole.  The last few years of the show were total garbage, and the college years were bearable (but mostly because Kelly Kapowski went from this to this).  The first few seasons though, are a testament to what evening drama was meant to be.  The high school years, or “Golden Years” as I like to call them, feature an incredibly diverse set of characters, absorbing plot lines, and sweet acid washed jeans.

In all seriousness though, the show definitely attempted to tackle some important issues in the first three seasons – teen pregnancy, drinking, peer pressure & racism to name a few.  Not only did Aaron Spelling and company attempt to tackle these issues, they even succeeded on many occasions.  Right now I’m being treated to Brandon feeling like a jackass in the 4th ever episode because he assumed a black kid that was going to make the varsity basketball team ahead of him was recruited to be at West Bev…well, Brandon was wrong, and he learned his lesson, and so did the audience.

The show also created the coolest television character of all time – Dylan McKay.  He is the fucking man.  Girls wanted him, he had a sweet Porsche, often skipped school to surf, smart enough to get into Berkley (but of course opted for Cal U with the rest of the gang), and said epically cool things in a loud whisper like, “I’m gonna take a drive up the coast,” or, “I’m headed to Baja, clear my head.”  This was in direct contradiction to Andrea Zuckerman, who is the biggest loser in television history.

Seriously, watch an early episode and then compare it with latter day ripoffs like Dawnsons Creek.  In 90210 absurd things happened, but the characters seemed somewhat real.  In contrast, Dawsons had more subdued/realistic plot lines, but the characters talked like they were in a fucking Shakespearean play.  This is a quote from Dawson, “Edge is fleeting, heart lasts forever.” Shut the fuck up Dawson.  Leave the quotables to the pros, the people like Steve Sanders, David Silver, Kelly Taylor & so forth, who coined the phrase, “Donna Martin graduates!”

SHE SAID: BH 90210

April 26, 2009

It’s Sunday morning, I’m folding laundry and switching over my winter/summer clothing.  One of the rare blog posts where Jeremy and I are defining our male/female roles.  Also, demonstrating just how exciting our lives are.  I should tweet and inform my followers what I’m up to just to keep them on the edge of their seats.

I’m going to call bullshit on the fact that you’re watching 90210 because you’ve watched Sportscenter 10 times.  You’re watching because you love the show.  You have 90210 T-Shirts.  You quote it regularly, and I’m fairly certain you had a 90210 quote on your Facebook page at one point in time.  You both watch and adore 90210 regardless of the amount of times you’ve watched Sportscenter.  Was your love always this pure?  Or was it influenced by the love of the girls you went to high school with?  Maybe gave you something to talk about with them?

90210.  Responsible for the first time I sat on the couch with my parents while an onscreen couple kissed and I felt incredibly awkward and embarrassed.

I agree that 90210 was better in the early years, hands down better than some of the teen shows that followed, and a lot better than those that had come before, Saved by the Bell (which also featured Tiffany in some terrible outfits and a haircut that made her head look huge and wide – threw that in just to make sure hell has a reserved seat for me).

I think the best high school show was Freaks and Geeks (for a teaser of the first episode, click here).  While tough to compare, since Freaks and Geeks only ran for one year and took place in 1980, the shows characters were easier to relate to, and the show was less of a daytime soap. The characters were able to tackle a lot of high school issues, most importantly the constant struggle to find yourself and define yourself outside of your home, with an endearing and sometimes heart wrenching humor.  The fact that no one is embarrassed to have enjoyed this show adds to it’s credence.

90210 was entertaining, but over the top from the beginning.  The two main characters moved from Minneapolis to Beverly Hills and were thrown in with the money and glamor of Beverly Hills.  The draw of that idealized California lifestyle still lives – The O.C. (which casted Ryan Atwood as an outsider with a rap sheet, to boot), The Hills, the 90210 remake, Laguna Beach and I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting.  Clearly something was tapped into here – sunny  California, money to spend, combined with heightened drama sells.

I’m glad it’s providing entertainment, years after it’s cancellation, for Jeremy on a Sunday morning, but I get nervous when you start talking about the lessons you’re learning while viewing.  I really hope that no teenagers are watching any of these shows to help point their moral compass.  Instead, I hope it’s for, to quote a dear friend, “enterfuckingtainment”.  I don’t want my children taking a lesson from Aaron Spelling’s ideas on how to best dramatize teen pregnancy, roofies, or rape.  I think we, as a culture, step into dangerous territory when we’re talking about the “issues” these shows are tackling and the lessons we are learning as an audience.  Their ultimate goal is not to provide a lesson, but to generate viewers and often times, sell the merchandise associated with the show.