February 26, 2011

Complaining about taxes is kind of like complaining about the weather when it’s 3 degrees outside, raining hail and blowing enough that the trees are threatening your roof.  I don’t know anyone who rubs their hands together come tax time and says, “Yes!  My favorite!”  And I do know people who love the dentist, so I know people who are okay with and maybe even slightly enjoy discomfort and pain.  And while one would like to think the US Government would pick up on this, they still make us muddle through the tedium of our our taxes, wait in endless lines to get our license renewed or mail a package around lunch time, and wait until we’re 21 to buy a drink at a bar.  Clearly they aren’t checking the comments box.

I think the problem though, is us.  While the system is definitely not the easiest, we, Jeremy and I, are also taking the more difficult route.  I am in the midst of compiling a spreadsheet from our home renovation receipts for taxes, which is making life not as fun in the evenings (I hope my CPA is cool with wine stains).  What I should have done is not fixed up anything in the house, not bought a house, not been self employed, and not be with someone who is self employed.  Since we did buy the house, fix up the house and both work for ourselves, we are doing a ton of extra work in the hopes that we might be able to get a little bit of a break.  And that’s before handing it off to our CPA who will hopefully make some sense of my rambling spreadsheets and make sure we haven’t screwed up somewhere along the line all while charging us as little as possible.

I’m dreaming big.

What I always wonder about, and I don’t have any accountant friends to answer this for me, is what the hell do accountants do from April 16th to mid-January.  I’m sure there are some people who get extensions, but it must be pretty slow come April 16th.   Are you twiddling your thumbs for most of the year and pulling your hair out for the other 12 weeks?  Are you not sleeping for 12 weeks and then reading Gravity’s Rainbow or the Bible cover to cover the other 40?

And, fittingly enough, I’m going to end this and get back to my gripping spreadsheets.  I’m kind of hoping when I do hand them in (I feel like I’m in school again saying that) my CPA will say something like, “wow, look at how well this information is all laid out.” Something to give me a little pat on the back for putting in all this effort instead of handing over a shoe box full of receipts.  Although, I guess saving the money I would have paid her to go through the box is recognition enough.  Maybe.