SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

May 10, 2010

Unless you’ve been in a cave or on an island without internet, I’m sure you heard Betty White was the host of SNL this weekend.  That was enough incentive for me to watch it, but I can’t speak for Jeremy. Despite her not being on Facebook, the campaign to get Betty White to host SNL that was started on Facebook was successful.  She crushed it – and performed in almost every skit throughout the night.  SNL brought out some of my favorite skits: the NPR delicious dish women and the Lawrence Welk show.  Betty White’s career in acting and television is long and distinguished, (including her discovery a small town weatherman she thought had potential named David Letterman) and this article claims it’s arguable that she has spent more time on television than anyone.


Yet another reason I should look into deleting my Facebook account …. more privacy issues.  It’s getting old.


A really interesting article reflecting on the background and environment of men’s lacrosse and how that mindset and mentality might have played into the tragedy at UVA written by a contemporary of George Huguely’s.


My favorite gnocchi recipe from EatingWell magaine.


Ferris Bueller is tweeting.  Or was.  Twitter based re-enactment of the 25 year-old throughout the movie (@ferris_bueller_).  Locations were also being updated via foursquare.  He’s tweeted the plot of his whole movie and it’s kind of left me wanting more.


Never, ever date a Flyers fan.  Even if she shaves her mustache. The Bruins play tonight and I’m hoping home ice can help secure a win.


HE SAID: TV Reunions

March 3, 2010

Fresh off this clip (which is almost a year old, but I just saw it for the first time today), I started thinking quite a bit about what TV show casts I’d like to see reunited.  Clearly, Saved by the Bell is going to be on the list:

#1 – Saved by the Bell – Imagine this get together – the key high school years only.  I’m talking Zack, A.C., Screech, Kelly, Lisa and Jesse.  You know what, screw it…through in Belding, the Carosi’s and Tori as well.  How much fun would it be to see them hanging out at the Max again, knowing that Dustin Diamond has only made it through the past couple of decades because of a sex tape (where apparently he shows off his rather large midsection).  And chances are pretty high that Jesse Spano ended up addicted to drugs in real life after the Showgirls debacle…

#2 – Full House – What could be better than Danny Tanner (who we all know now is a dirty pervert) trying to give life lessons to Stephanie, who had a meth addiction I believe, and the effing Olsen twins.  Actually, I want this to be on HBO or something, I want to see Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis naked.

#3 – BH 90210 – As if you didn’t know this was going to make this list.  Do we think Brandon and Dylan still have the same sweet haircuts? Did Kelly turn out normal after getting raped, addicted to coke, raped again, almost dying in a fire, murdering her rapist, etc etc etc?  What do Donna’s boobs like like now? Is Andrea in a Jewish nursing home yet? The questions are literally endless.

#4 – Small Wonder – Is Vicki the Robot still alive? If so, does she have any “issues” because her brother Jamie definitely tried to hook up with her at some point.  I mean, it’s a robot…not REALLY his sister.

#5 – Golden Girls – Yes, I realize Sophia and Dorothy are no longer with us.  But I’d still be interested.  How are Rose and Blanche coping with a house of just two?  We all know Rose is still killing it in comedy, her super bowl commercial was pretty epic, even spawning a “Have Betty White host SNL” facebook group.  The real wonder is that Blanche is somehow still alive, and hasn’t died from multiple STD’s.  She was the first women I came across that I knew was a slut.

I wonder in 15 or so years if my list will look similar.  I can tell you one thing, the Lost cast will not be added…you know how I want this show to end, I want them all to die, because I hate them, just like a I hate JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelfucker.