HE SAID: Words with Friends

May 27, 2011

There are 3 facts that I know about myself: 1. I am a nerd…I like to think of myself as one of those, “cool nerds,” but even that probably isn’t true. 2. I am in love with my iPhone4. 3. In direct relation to fact #2, I am, quite literally, obsessed with the ‘Words with Friends’ application. At this time, I have approximately 12 games going…and yes, all those games are with actual friends, not with strangers. I’m not that desperate. It might even interest you to know that I am 1-0 all time against “She Said.” In fact, she was forced to resign because she didn’t play a single move after I started a game. I don’t want to say that’s typical of her, but it’s typical of her.

The beauty of having so many games going at once is pretty much at any given time, I have a move to make. This means that I can now cancel all the magazine subscriptions I have (ESPN, SI, & Entertainment Weekly for those wondering), not to mention stop risking my laptop further damage. Why? You might ask. Because I can bring my iPhone with me into the pooper and make a move. And if it so happens that it is a rare occurrence where I have no moves to make, I’ll play some Angry Birds. Of course, the former might be exposing myself to some future preparation H use, but eff it. The games are that fun.

Not that Words with Friends is perfect, mind you. As always, I do have some issues. First and foremost, they need to figure out how to eliminate trial and error from the game. I mean for effs sake, I threw down S-E-X-T-O-N with ‘x’ on a triple letter and the word on a double word for  a substantial amount of points. Turns out the word refers to a church official in charge of ringing the bell. You think if we were playing Scrabble and someone challenged me I would’ve been confident that it was an actual word? Hell no. I only played it because I just went to a Martin Sexton concert last month.

Along those same lines, and this is not the responsibility, but cheating simply should be punishable by banishment of the application. There are some people I play who play multiple words in a row that reek of cheating. There is trial and error (lame), and there is using words that Charles Rudolph Quirk (can you believe there is a Wiki page for ‘famous linguists’?) has never heard of (wrong). I feel like I should be able to point this out to the developers of Words with Friends, and on a case by case basis they can decide to delete the app from the wrong-doers phone and not allow it to be downloaded again. Too harsh?


SHE SAID: Tiger Woods

November 30, 2009

You don’t usually hear much about Tiger Woods.  Other than his golf results, he tends to stay out of the limelight.  Which is why it was surprising to hear on Friday morning that he was in the hospital after a car accident near his house.

Tiger was hammered on Thanksgiving and got into a car!

Only, no, alcohol wasn’t involved.  The facts: He was going under 33 miles per hour since the airbags didn’t deploy and the back windows of his vehicle were smashed by a golf club.  Since then the rumor mills have been regularly churning out so called news on the event, despite Tiger not releasing a statement until later in the afternoon on the 29th.  An amazing amount of information considering the lack of factual evidence and all the speculation on which it’s based.

Our fascination probably has to do with Tiger never being involved in slanderous stories.  Or golf as a whole since it’s never been associated with loud personalities interested in garnering attention and blaming their possession of narcotics on the fact that they were wearing someone else’s pants.  Usually, the craziest aspect of golf is when someone wears an argyle sweater with checkered pants.  It’s a pretty tame sport and group of athletes.

For a moment when all this gossip was flying around, it was akin to finding out the uptight high school librarian had stared in a porn movie to make some cash on the side.  This was something so different from the impression and carefully sculpted image Tiger has established and maintained that most people I knew were talking about it.

At this point, Tiger’s silence has only added to the general fascination.  Whoever Tiger’s public relations person is should be fired.  The event is unfortunate, but the handling of it leads me to wonder if he has anyone working PR for him at all.  I understand he wants privacy, I understand that he probably thought in staying silent people would have nothing to go on and move on to the next tabloid highlight.  But in holding out for so long on giving a statement or denying any of the stories, in one sense, he’s given the media the green light to deconstruct his marriage and extra curricular activities.  It isn’t necessarily right, but it’s selling papers or attracting visitors to a site.  And selling papers is the bottom line, especially now that print media is struggling to survive this recession.  He has to know that by taking this tack while the end goal might get accomplished, in the meantime, the press is going to feast on him and his wife like vultures.  And if what the National Enquirer is claiming as the cause of the fight is actually the case, all of this attention can’t be helping them get through anything.