HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

May 3, 2010

So I’m going to annoy readers who don’t like sports, because they have consumed my life this past week (even moreso than normal), for better and worse.  Here are some highlights and lowlights in the world of sports this week:

This foul call, along with the whole Tim Donaghy gamlbing thing, are why the NBA struggles to get new fans.


Here is Marc Savard getting knocked out with a severe concussion a couple months back.  Here he is Saturday, scoring the game winning goal in Boston Bruins OT against the Philadelphia Flyers in game one…in his first game back.


The rebirth of the Boston Celtics happened during this fight.  Unfortunately, based on game 1 against Cleveland, the rebirth won’t last too long.


This guy is going to be a legit New England Patriot…if anything skip to the end when his family chants his name. Awesome stuff.


I was going to post something about the Red Sox, but it’s just too depressing at this point.  Instead, I’ll veer off my path and show you another highlight from Pearl Jam, Hartford 2008…since I’ll be seeing them again in 12 days.  Here is Eddie talking about the epa and global warming stuff…usually this annoys me at shows, but at least it gets conversation going. (beware some curse words)


HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

April 26, 2010

Editors note: I have no idea the whereabouts of She Said, hopefully she is ok…but if not, I am sure she’d want me to post these.

Some youtube clips for your enjoyment. Oh and a shout out to She Said, her post was selected to be on the front page of wordpress.com, resulting in over 4,000 views over the span of a couple days.  I felt famous. So, hoping we get some of those people back I’m going to be annoying and repost our twitter feed and hope to attract a few more followers.  Now, on to the clips –

Perhaps you’ve seen this little chunker singing Lady Gaga already, if you haven’t click here right effing now.  Even if you have, watch it again…it is sure to brighten up what is otherwise a typically awful day.


Time and time again, Cartman has claimed ‘gingers dont have souls.’  Well, this kid disagrees (i would use headphones for this one).  Here is Cartman’s response.


Somehow I let the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death pass a couple weeks back with no mention.  As such, here is Pearl Jam playing Immortality (often thought to have been written about KC) at the last show I was at.  Less than 3 weeks til the next one…