HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

May 31, 2010

Not to be overly cheesy, but congrats to me co-writer who ran a marathon yesterday.  That’s 26.2 miles, or roughly 26 miles than I’ve run collectively since I quit my college tennis team.  In under 4 hours, congrats!

I never knew the male angler fish had it so tough


Walk off grand slam…homeplate celebration….broken leg…most likely end of season for best Angels hitter…most likely end of season for Angels.


Collegehumor answers any LOST questions you might still have.


Lesson here – don’t tell your 3 year old son who he can & can’t be.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

May 24, 2010

Red Sox + Lost = choking back tears.

I have a Case of the Mondays. More like a case of the “I’ll never get to watch a new episode of Lost.” As downhill as the show seemed to go seasons 3-5, it picked right back up this season and ended with an amazing finale last night.  Seriously, it’s almost like one of my sports teams just left the city, they didn’t let go of a bunch of players and sign/trade for new ones, they are gone. Forever.  Obviously, given the subject matter, this is my favorite scene.  My favorite moment is here.


My favorite google “Autocomplete Me” of the week.


Back to Lost….this time a bit less seriously though.  I usually can’t stand cats, but this is pretty funny.  Though it kind of annoys me that apparently you can put anything on youtube, and as long as it includes cats you are going to get an assload of views.


I may have put this up before…but they have updated it, and it’s impossible to have too much Tom Selleck anyway.

I aspire to have a mustache such as this one day.

HE SAID: Highlights of my Ski Season

April 8, 2010

1. Getting my pass for a mere $400 because I’m a grad student.  Almost makes the $15,000 future masters degree worth it.

2. Seeing girls ski in sports bras on my last day when it was 80 degrees.  Note that I put saving money ahead of staring at chests…any single female readers out there, take note.  This is a good thing, right?

3. One weekend I had about 9 friends up skiing.  Three seperate groups of people.  It was not easy coordinating everything but I managed to ski with everyone at least a little.  How was everyone able to find me…I was wearing a jacket similar to the blue one piece you see on the right.  I can only imagine most people thought I was from New Jersey.

4. Though I saw very few this year, one Starter jacket on the mountain is enough to last a lifetime…not to mention the jeans and rear-entry boots that completed the outfit.

5. With regards to #3…that same weekend 4 of us were locked out of my apartment for various reasons at 2 am.  I was the only one halfway sober enough to try and figure out what to do.  We spent two hours in the local best western lobby (special thanks to the night auditor).  I was so frustrated at one point when I farted I thought I sharted.  I went into the bathroom and checked, I was clean.   Too much info? Sorry.  This actually isn’t a highlight yet…but I’m sure I’ll look back on it and laugh soon enough.

6.  Thanks to BSP, I skied history…the famed Bruce Trail at Stowe.  I may have looked like a ritard doing it, but I haven’t felt that accomplished on a pair of skis since Lost was still a good television show.

7. The debate with RH about whether or not it was legit to save a “cool” song to blast on purpose while getting your gear on in the parking lot.  I voted no.  I think you are lame if you save some sweet Marley or Sublime song to listen to simply so other people know you listen to cool music.  It screams lame…if you get lucky and it comes about naturally.   Feel free.  Of course, this is coming from the guy who once blasted “She’s like the Wind” by Patrick Swayze while I put my boots on.

8.  Riding the lifts with friends and making fun of people skiing. Thus determining that if we couldn’t make fun of others, and ourselves, we would literally have nothing to talk about.

9. Chili in a breadbowl on multiple occasions…and the poops later on.  That’s my second reference to poo this post…think I have some business to take care of.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

March 15, 2010

A couple of recut trailers to start out: Up 1st, Top Gun becomes a love story; second- The Shining becomes a romantic comedy.  This one is just plain wrong.


I think all things being equal, I’d rather watch Baywatch than Lost…or I could just watch this.


Here is a printable NCAA Tourney Bracket, even though gambling is illegal.  And you all must promise to report any of your winnings to the IRS next year.  And no, I didn’t include a link to the Women’s tourney….UConn is going to win.


This is an incredibly shameless plug, but seriously, just effing follow us on twitter.  Here is the link – http://twitter.com/hesaidnshesaid.  Even if you think twitter is lame and you aren’t on it, sign up.  Following the right things is hugely beneficial…for example, where did Pearl Jam first announce their forthcoming US Tour? Twitter.

SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

March 8, 2010


I was encouraged to get into this show over the summer and spent a considerable amount of rainy nights catching up.  Thankfully the weather was pretty terrible for a large part of the summer.  Had I realized I could have started the season fresh and blogged about the show having not watched a minute prior … well, I could have knitted several afghans and had several thousand people reading my bog.


Work Games

No, not something you’re going to play while sitting around the conference table.  These actually make it look like you’re working.


Lunch Lady Land

A teacher, who for some unknown and probably very insane reason, decided to eat her school lunch every day for a year and blog about it.  I’m guessing it had something to do with her being bored from living in the mid-west.  Although, her writing is very entertaining and it’s kind of like a public flogging – hard to refrain from checking out.



Remember when Jared Leto was hot?  Apparently, he’s doing everything he can to reverse that.  I think the metal studded pants make the look.



“…locavorism may be about more than smug new-wave chefs blissing out over Vermont ramps and heirloom garlic: “Locavorism” might be the key to food security and better nutrition for all.”

HE SAID: TV Reunions

March 3, 2010

Fresh off this clip (which is almost a year old, but I just saw it for the first time today), I started thinking quite a bit about what TV show casts I’d like to see reunited.  Clearly, Saved by the Bell is going to be on the list:

#1 – Saved by the Bell – Imagine this get together – the key high school years only.  I’m talking Zack, A.C., Screech, Kelly, Lisa and Jesse.  You know what, screw it…through in Belding, the Carosi’s and Tori as well.  How much fun would it be to see them hanging out at the Max again, knowing that Dustin Diamond has only made it through the past couple of decades because of a sex tape (where apparently he shows off his rather large midsection).  And chances are pretty high that Jesse Spano ended up addicted to drugs in real life after the Showgirls debacle…

#2 – Full House – What could be better than Danny Tanner (who we all know now is a dirty pervert) trying to give life lessons to Stephanie, who had a meth addiction I believe, and the effing Olsen twins.  Actually, I want this to be on HBO or something, I want to see Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis naked.

#3 – BH 90210 – As if you didn’t know this was going to make this list.  Do we think Brandon and Dylan still have the same sweet haircuts? Did Kelly turn out normal after getting raped, addicted to coke, raped again, almost dying in a fire, murdering her rapist, etc etc etc?  What do Donna’s boobs like like now? Is Andrea in a Jewish nursing home yet? The questions are literally endless.

#4 – Small Wonder – Is Vicki the Robot still alive? If so, does she have any “issues” because her brother Jamie definitely tried to hook up with her at some point.  I mean, it’s a robot…not REALLY his sister.

#5 – Golden Girls – Yes, I realize Sophia and Dorothy are no longer with us.  But I’d still be interested.  How are Rose and Blanche coping with a house of just two?  We all know Rose is still killing it in comedy, her super bowl commercial was pretty epic, even spawning a “Have Betty White host SNL” facebook group.  The real wonder is that Blanche is somehow still alive, and hasn’t died from multiple STD’s.  She was the first women I came across that I knew was a slut.

I wonder in 15 or so years if my list will look similar.  I can tell you one thing, the Lost cast will not be added…you know how I want this show to end, I want them all to die, because I hate them, just like a I hate JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelfucker.


April 10, 2009

I had an amazing night this past Wednesday. I drank Guinness, ate pizza, watched the Red Sox, and had a very successful Fantasy Baseball Draft (which, by the way, is a topic that I’m sure will be covered at some point in the not so distant future). There was one glaring issue, I was forced to miss an episode of Lost. I use the term “miss” quite loosely here. I am not stuck in 2001 and use current technology like DVR. But not watching Lost live can be very stressful, it’s very similar to missing a big sporting and trying to avoid the scores on the ESPN Botton Line, I was forced to avoid the internet and phone calls from friends who might have left a message about what happened. I sat in a panic from 9-1030 praying that a friend wouldn’t text some revealing fact that would ruin my 60 minutes of fun.

Pathetic? Absolutely. But I have no regrets. I mean, no more pathetic than the 10 million or so other people who tune in each week. You know what the worst part is though? I fucking hate the show. Don’t get me wrong, seasons one and two were impeccable. Ever since it has been average, sometimes downright terrible. There is the last part of season five (I think four or five more episodes) plus 16 episodes in season six, at which point it will finally be over. And I would gladly donate $500 to my Meals on Wheels to read a ten page summary of the next 20 episodes and a five minute youtube summary of how it ends. I don’t have that option though. Instead I am forced to endure episode after episode of insanity, and am probably a worse person for it. But hey, it’s better than wasting all my time updating my twitter feed via my iphone while I drive…