SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

January 3, 2011

Puma’s “After Hours Athlete” ad is pretty great.  In case you haven’t seen it …


Speaking of athletes, I love the new soundtrack someone put to this little gem.


Top ten Photoshop disasters of 2010.  In case you missed them before we start chronicling 2011’s.


As of 2012, meat and poultry will be getting more detailed nutrition information. Sounds great, right?  Not so fast.  They are only including caloric and fat information, nothing about where the meat comes from, what kind of conditions the animal was born/raised/butchered in or what the animal ingested.  We still have such a long way to go and I still have to go out of my way to find meat that I’m not afraid to eat.


The Ex-Blocker.  How many of us could have used this at one point in time?  I also have a few friends I’d like to pass the link on to.

SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

November 1, 2010

Sound like the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear went well with well over 200,000 people in attendance.  Jon Stewart’s speech at the end was pretty heartfelt and impressive.  If you missed it, here it is:


It’s November 1st.  That means it’s officially the first day of Movember.

“Movember challenges men to change their appearance and the face of men’s health by growing a moustache. The rules are simple, start Movember 1st  clean-shaven and then grow a moustache for the entire month.  The moustache becomes the ribbon for men’s health, the means by which awareness and funds are raised for cancers that affect men.  Much like the commitment to run or walk for charity, the men of Movember commit to growing a moustache for 30 days.”

I know I’ve been counting down the days and I can’t wait to see some photos of the participants!


There seem to be an awful lot of people worked up about this stuff.  Maybe it’s a vocal tiny majority, but I feel like more and more of these types of posts/pieces are being written.  Here are 10 words you need to stop misspelling.


TSA screening got a whole lot more personal and yet still falls short of actually protecting anyone.

SHE SAID: Brett Favre … really!?

October 8, 2010

Maybe we should switch this blog to consist solely of open letters to Brett Favre.  It sounds like he could use the input.  In addition to Jeremy’s requesting his official and final retirement, I would add a big “really!?”

I think teenagers are foolish for sending pictures of themselves naked or barely clothed.  Unfortunately, the inevitable release of these photos into the viral wilds of the high school halls leads to embarrassment, bullying, and at best, a life lesson learned.  As adults, I like to think we know better.  Although she’s an adult, I think Courtney Love is foolish as well, but her being cracked out most of the time is a legitimate defense.  Plus, the pictures are more of a life lesson in terrifying people away from drugs, so it’s almost a public service that she tweets so honestly about her life.

And then we have Brett, who has no drug addiction to back up his latest blunder.  No, I’m not talking about wearing crocs as a grown adult (which apparently he was donning in one of the texted photos), but Deadspin’s breaking news item.  And, as an older, married, seemingly intelligent man in a high profile position, I would like to think he would know better than to use MySpace and texts if he was interested in wooing someone.  The MySpace mention was enough for me not to believe the allegations (who even uses MySpace anymore?).  But why would a successful athlete put himself out on a limb and send those texts?  Did he not consider that might come back to haunt him?  Why did he figure that sending her pictures of him holding himself and possibly pleasuring himself would win her over?  Are our treasured athletes that removed from reality that he thought that would work?  And how idiotic do you have to be to provide that material (or ammo) to someone who isn’t a trusted confidant?

While I’m flabbergasted that someone who has the ability to lead a team would make such a grave alleged mistake, ultimately, I’m not sure that I care that much.  Mr. Favre has shown season and season again with his numerous painfully timed temporary retirements, that he is more interested in himself than his team.  Why am I surprised that this mentality carries over to other aspects of his life?  It’s his marriage to screw up, it’s his endorsements to lose, and it’s his lack of six inches that’s getting scrutinized online.  And so all I’m left with, in the words of Tina Fey and Seth Meyers, is … Really!?

HE SAID: Brett Favre…Really!?

October 8, 2010

Well written Nifer, for the most part.  Before I delve into the topic of penis pictures and text messages, allow me if you will to dispell one notion – “While I’m flabbergasted that someone who has the ability to lead a team would make such a grave alleged mistake.”  He no longer has the ability to lead a team, at least to a superbowl; and hasn’t in over a decade (and quite honestly, even that is in question – if my cousin Desmond Howard hadn’t had his best kick return game ever against the Patriots, Favre would be like Marino – ringless, albeit with less of a cocaine issue).  The only thing Favre has done is lead his team to disappointment.

And now, the old gunslinger has led his family down the same path.  Can we officially change his nickname by the way, I vote for Jason Whitlock of

Favre's career has been better than Oden's...but apparently Greg makes up for it in other ways.

FoxSports idea – Dongslinger.  What scares me about this story (besides Brett Favre on myspace), as well as the Greg Oden one from earlier this year,is how many pictures of athletes’ dongs are actually out there.  These are just two guys who got caught, imagine the plethora of penis pics there are from well known athletes just floating out there in cyberspace somewhere.  There is also a side of this story that pisses me off…why haven’t any men come out and revealed some pictures of Anna Kournikova in the nude?  You are going to tell me that in all her years of partying in Miami she didn’t make just one mistake.  My imagination refuses to believe that.

Or maybe, she is just one of the normal ones.  Someone who doesn’t deem it necessary to show off her goods in an effort to woo men.  And let’s face it, she doesn’t really need to.  But seriously, I really wish she did.

I also don’t want to stand down from my pulpit without touching (pun intended) on Jenn Sterger at all.  Before I rip her apart for being a media whore, I want to first say that she is not to blame for the start of this mess; as in just because she looks good is not an excuse for some older creep to text her pics of him slinging his gun (see what I did there).  However, I do have to question why this is becoming national news two years later…is her tv career not going as well as she planned? Ratings down over on the Versus network? Trying to drum up news ahead of some B movie she will probably star in later.  Again, #4 is alone in creating this mess, but it’s at least partially a two way street now.

I’ll leave us with a thought…what if Favre wasn’t married? Would this really be so bad? Gross, yes. But in some ways I still don’t think it would merit the national news attention it would receive anyway, married or not.  As the aforementioned Whitlock tweeted, “Think about it: do we really wanna live n a society in which a middle-aged man can’t showcase his junk n pursuit of a younger woman?”  However that leads more to a whole other topic on today’s media. But it’s friday, and it’s almost time for yoga…

SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

April 12, 2010

I would like to thank Mason for the following.  I hadn’t seen it yet, hopefully this is some of your first viewings as well.  I’m torn between laughing and also thinking that payback is clearly due.


It’s what you’ve been waiting for: San Francisco vehicles, cropped to a 500 x 500 pixel square.  Seriously though, it’s a cool gallery.


I don’t know how factual this is, but I do know that this is going to outrage some hard core Nirvana fans.  Also, this makes the years my younger brother spent emulating Kurt Cobain seem a lot less cool and a lot more wasted.  Maybe if I appreciated the Twilight movies and their actors more I wouldn’t be as offended.

SHE SAID: Cell Phone Etiquette*

November 3, 2009


I am a fan of cell phones.  I love my iPhone. I love that I can access my email, the world wide web, twitter, the weather, my calendar, a crossword … all these things are at my fingertips and I abuse that on occasion, like most people I know.  We have the ability to constantly be in touch, and while most people I know are able to deal with that healthily, enough of us have been annoyed by someone’s cell phone habits at some point in time.  I feel some boundaries are necessary and here are some rules I think should be mandatory.

Your ring-tone … If you just have to have Miley Cyrus as your ring-tone, please keep the volume at a low level.  While I would ask this of any ring-tone, musical ones are particularly annoying because no matter how awesome the song, it’s going to sound bad when sampled for your ring-tone and not all around you are going to be fans of your particular choice.

If you are in a movie theater, a meeting, class, etc.  putting your phone on vibrate will do just fine.

Talking while in a close public space is not always necessary.  While I get that your mother or husband or wife or whoever might call while you’re in the store because they need you to pick something else up that wasn’t on the list, it is not necessary to be on the phone with your best friend going over the details of last night’s disastrous date with a fine toothed comb in the check out line.  I have overheard really personal conversations, disgusting details, and many a bathroom conversation (really … does the other person know you’re sitting in a public rest room doing god knows what while they are talking to you?) because people cannot seem to find a private place to carry on their phone call.

In addition – to have your phone on speakerphone while in public is downright wrong.  While you might find yourself and your conversation fascinating, let me assure you, the rest of us do not.

Also, it is not required that you always answer your phone.  If you are having a real face-to-face interaction with someone, it’s pretty rude to pick up your phone.  Again, emergencies aside, it’s okay to miss a call and call someone back later.

Ringback-tones are a terrible, terrible idea.  When I call someone, I don’t want to hear a song while I wait for them to pick up.  I usually have some sort of music going on in the background anyway.  Plus, it makes me feel like I’m calling some huge corporation, not a family member or someone I know.

Texting should be limited to quick exchanges.  If it’s going to be long, or you need to discuss options, just call.  Also, if someone calls you, they wanted to talk, not text.  You should call them back.

Blue-tooth headsets.  Brad Pitt (one of People Magazine’s sexiest men alive) and David Beckham recently modeled blue-tooth headsets on two different magazine covers.  Proving that no matter how awe inspiring your good looks are, you still look like a complete tool with a blue-tooth headset on.  Wearing one when you’re not on your phone is … well, if you want to do that to yourself, that’s fine, but I try to help those I love and tell them when they look like an idiot.

*Thanks to Laura Page for the post idea.

SHE SAID: Previews

July 8, 2009

Advertising annoys me when I’m aware of it.  When it’s done well and I’m duly fascinated by either or both the presentation and the product, I adore it and am the first to admit my awe of  it’s swagger and power.

That being said, advertising is dirty.  Convincing people they need something they don’t isn’t the most honorable job description and I’m all in favor of obstructing that dirty little goal with subtly and innuendo so I can enjoy the breaks in my television programming, and my drive on I95, and my magazine perusal and my internet browsing and my radio listening, and wherever else I am subject to the onslaught of advertising afforded to us by modern media without realizing that I am having something shoved down my throat.

preview image

Which brings me to previews.  Previews make car ads look like fine art.  Cut to give a feel for a movie in 2 minutes or less, they usually give away most of the defining moments of the movie and if all of the good scenes aren’t included, most are.  All while we’re waiting for the movie for which we paid over eight dollars to begin.  Is anything good while watered down like that?  And if it is, shouldn’t we be worried?

I’m not a huge fan, but I can get my mind around why they are included in the movie theater experience and will accept that while I’m annoyed, it’s part of the deal.  An added bonus for someone who is perpetually late, it buys me another 5 – 10 minutes to get to the theater.  And yes, Jeremy, I still think we could have made it to the movies those two times I was marginally late because of this preview window.

On a rented movie, however, I see no need.  If the movie is coming to theaters soon, it’s a limited window in which to advertise and not entirely supportable anymore.  Rent that movie while it’s still in the new release section, but on it’s way out, and the preview is for a movie that’s in-between theater release and DVD release.  Rent that movie once it’s been banished to the back shelves of the store, and the preview is pointless because you’ve either seen the previewed movie or know you don’t want to see it.

Conversely, if the preview is too far out into the future not enough of the movie is shot to include a catchy preview and the release date is laughably far off and the viewer will forget about it until the real movie publicity begins which makes the pre-preview even more extraneous.

Oh, and I rented a movie and I’m on my couch with a fuzzy blanket and my feet curled in and it’s the first time I’ve sat down all day and I just put the remote down so I have to put my snacky cakes down and reach for it and then retuck myself in and to skip over the five previews.  And please stop selling me something for a few seconds so I can enjoy entertainment without feeling the need to consume something else or hear what other products Lion’s Gate feels I would also enjoy watching.