SHE SAID: Brett Favre … really!?

October 8, 2010

Maybe we should switch this blog to consist solely of open letters to Brett Favre.  It sounds like he could use the input.  In addition to Jeremy’s requesting his official and final retirement, I would add a big “really!?”

I think teenagers are foolish for sending pictures of themselves naked or barely clothed.  Unfortunately, the inevitable release of these photos into the viral wilds of the high school halls leads to embarrassment, bullying, and at best, a life lesson learned.  As adults, I like to think we know better.  Although she’s an adult, I think Courtney Love is foolish as well, but her being cracked out most of the time is a legitimate defense.  Plus, the pictures are more of a life lesson in terrifying people away from drugs, so it’s almost a public service that she tweets so honestly about her life.

And then we have Brett, who has no drug addiction to back up his latest blunder.  No, I’m not talking about wearing crocs as a grown adult (which apparently he was donning in one of the texted photos), but Deadspin’s breaking news item.  And, as an older, married, seemingly intelligent man in a high profile position, I would like to think he would know better than to use MySpace and texts if he was interested in wooing someone.  The MySpace mention was enough for me not to believe the allegations (who even uses MySpace anymore?).  But why would a successful athlete put himself out on a limb and send those texts?  Did he not consider that might come back to haunt him?  Why did he figure that sending her pictures of him holding himself and possibly pleasuring himself would win her over?  Are our treasured athletes that removed from reality that he thought that would work?  And how idiotic do you have to be to provide that material (or ammo) to someone who isn’t a trusted confidant?

While I’m flabbergasted that someone who has the ability to lead a team would make such a grave alleged mistake, ultimately, I’m not sure that I care that much.  Mr. Favre has shown season and season again with his numerous painfully timed temporary retirements, that he is more interested in himself than his team.  Why am I surprised that this mentality carries over to other aspects of his life?  It’s his marriage to screw up, it’s his endorsements to lose, and it’s his lack of six inches that’s getting scrutinized online.  And so all I’m left with, in the words of Tina Fey and Seth Meyers, is … Really!?

HE SAID: Brett Favre…Really!?

October 8, 2010

Well written Nifer, for the most part.  Before I delve into the topic of penis pictures and text messages, allow me if you will to dispell one notion – “While I’m flabbergasted that someone who has the ability to lead a team would make such a grave alleged mistake.”  He no longer has the ability to lead a team, at least to a superbowl; and hasn’t in over a decade (and quite honestly, even that is in question – if my cousin Desmond Howard hadn’t had his best kick return game ever against the Patriots, Favre would be like Marino – ringless, albeit with less of a cocaine issue).  The only thing Favre has done is lead his team to disappointment.

And now, the old gunslinger has led his family down the same path.  Can we officially change his nickname by the way, I vote for Jason Whitlock of

Favre's career has been better than Oden's...but apparently Greg makes up for it in other ways.

FoxSports idea – Dongslinger.  What scares me about this story (besides Brett Favre on myspace), as well as the Greg Oden one from earlier this year,is how many pictures of athletes’ dongs are actually out there.  These are just two guys who got caught, imagine the plethora of penis pics there are from well known athletes just floating out there in cyberspace somewhere.  There is also a side of this story that pisses me off…why haven’t any men come out and revealed some pictures of Anna Kournikova in the nude?  You are going to tell me that in all her years of partying in Miami she didn’t make just one mistake.  My imagination refuses to believe that.

Or maybe, she is just one of the normal ones.  Someone who doesn’t deem it necessary to show off her goods in an effort to woo men.  And let’s face it, she doesn’t really need to.  But seriously, I really wish she did.

I also don’t want to stand down from my pulpit without touching (pun intended) on Jenn Sterger at all.  Before I rip her apart for being a media whore, I want to first say that she is not to blame for the start of this mess; as in just because she looks good is not an excuse for some older creep to text her pics of him slinging his gun (see what I did there).  However, I do have to question why this is becoming national news two years later…is her tv career not going as well as she planned? Ratings down over on the Versus network? Trying to drum up news ahead of some B movie she will probably star in later.  Again, #4 is alone in creating this mess, but it’s at least partially a two way street now.

I’ll leave us with a thought…what if Favre wasn’t married? Would this really be so bad? Gross, yes. But in some ways I still don’t think it would merit the national news attention it would receive anyway, married or not.  As the aforementioned Whitlock tweeted, “Think about it: do we really wanna live n a society in which a middle-aged man can’t showcase his junk n pursuit of a younger woman?”  However that leads more to a whole other topic on today’s media. But it’s friday, and it’s almost time for yoga…

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

October 4, 2010

I posted this once before, but now it’son youtube so I get to embed it.  This airs tomorrow at 8pm on ESPN.  And I’m not doing this to be a d*ck to my Yankee fan friends, but our season just ended yesterday, you get to move on…deal with it.

(ps the man in the freeze frame is Dave Roberts, in case you didnt’ know. He stole the most important base in MLB history…)


For anyone that played simcity, especially the early versions, this collegehumor video is well worth your 90 seconds.


Here are a bunch of Social Network parody trailers (twitter, myspace, etc)…for what it’s worth the actual movis was damned good.


Since I’m not sure I’ll be able to make my car payment this month, tough for me to donate…however posting this link is hopefully helping out in some way.  No worries either way, but at least click on it, read about it, and think about it.

HE SAID: Technology, you ARE helping

September 13, 2009

There are so many places to start, I really am at a loss…so I’ll do what I typically do in real life and let a movie quote do the talking for me:

“Yes, I love technology, but not as much as you, you see… But still, I love technology.” ~ Kip Dynamite

I must agree with Kip here.  There are millions of reasons why I love technology, but when it comes to technology and members of the opposite sex, the main reason I love seems to be exactly why Nifer hates it.  In your post you talk about how instead of merely thinking about someone all day, one can check facebook, email, texting yada yada yada…Isn’t that better than simply thinking about some chick you have a crush on but isn’t concacting you?  At least you might get an answer through technology.

For example, when I was living in Alabama I called this one girl I kind of liked to hang out one day, left a message and didn’t hear back for a couple of hours.  Via facebook, I found out she was “spending the day at the beach with Brad.”  If it had been 1995 instead of 2005, I would’ve been obsessing all day about this broad wondering why she couldn’t pick up her effing phone.  But alas, technology (while it may have given me some rather negative news) came to my rescue…not only did I have the answer as to why she wasn’t calling me back, but I knew never to call that whore again.

Also, I take umbrage with your statement about how technology ends up ‘screwing you.’  Actually, that’s not entirely true…because your statement could indeed be true.  There are many times when technology does indeed screw us.  So, I guess it’s really your Exhibits I take umbrage with; because, it wasn’t technology that screwed the subject of each example, it was the subject that screwed the subject.  Is it technology’s fault you emailed a mutual friend instead of your boyfriend (who wanted to keep you hidden? Are you fucking serious? That’s straight out of an episode of 90210), or that your friend posted ‘intimate details’ on a facebook wall instead of a message?  No, it’s not technology’s fault, it’s your own effing fault.   Just like a typical woman, refusing to take responsibility for your actions…but I digress.

By the way, how ‘intimate’ were these details? Just curious.

Technology also makes things easier for the, how shall I put it, less than confident people.  Instead of having to call a girl, or ask a girl out in person, the less confident people can shoot a text/IM/facebook message without fear of actually hearing the rejection.  I swear, I’m not referring to myself here, but other less than confident people.  Time to wrap up, just got a text from a girl telling me to check my email (which will probably be an email informing me that I have a new facebook wall post).