HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

February 21, 2011

Ok this week I’m going to devote it all to the NBA All-Star Game. Wait, no I won’t, because no one gives a crap about it. However, I think we will stay sports themed…

Speaking of NBA All-Star Game, I think Blake Griffin might have brought back the Dunk Contest.


Dives happen all the time on a tennis court. Successful dives that coincide with a winner on match point...not so much.


Ok, I lied, not all sports…but this Non-Response Text Message Flow Chart is priceless.


Lose out on your SuperBowl bets? Fear not, bet on the Oscars.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

October 18, 2010

I have to be honest, I don’t have anything close to a case of the Mondays…even though I have a 10 page paper to write today I’m fresh off a fun weekend that was capped off with suite tickets to yesterday’s Patriots overtime victory against the Ravens.  Good times.  As a result…I feel some fun links coming-

Starting off with a staring contest between a muppet and a band member from Ok Go, who I missed in Burlington last night (but again, the Pats game was worth it).


Have to love politics in our country. What would happen to NY if they actually voted in Kristin Davis as governor; the same Kristin Davis who was formerly the ‘Manhattan Madam’ who was in the news two years ago for effing Eliot Spitzer (you know, for money).


Best thing about pre-season NBA, crowds are quiet enough that you can hear some terrific heckling…when was the last time you could hear “YOU HAVE ZERO WORK ETHIC!” through the TV? Surprisingly enough, this is not about Vince Carter!


So far we’ve covered music, politics and sports, let’s finish with some movies: here is the trailer for the Coen Bro’s remake of True Grit, due out Christmas. One other note on movies…do not take your preteen to see Jackass:3d as part of a family Saturday. Not the best parenting skills.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

July 12, 2010

The all “Lebron James is the King, the King of Dbags” edition.  Seriously, I’m not even going to bother putting any effort into explaining what each link is…just let it suffice to say that each one will be something negative about Lebron, because that’s what he, and his ego that is substantially bigger than the size of Russia (I wonder if Palin can see Lebron’s ego from her house too), deserve.

Adrian Wojnarowski

Gene Wojciechowski

Bill Simmons

Buzz Bissinger (author of Friday Night lights, who tweeted before the ‘decision’ – New York equals guts. Cleveland equals loyalty. Miami equals gutlessness)

A whole bunch of tweets.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

June 13, 2010

I think this is appropriate to lead off with, fun times!


My Dad forwarded this to me…a bit old, so you might have seen it but it’s also pretty effing hilarious, especially if you like religious zealots getting served.  Oh and if you are wondering about my Dad, and Mom, whom I’m currently living with…it’s going fine so far and my mother would like to report she has not been a nag AT ALL.


More World Cup fun, courtesy of collegehumor.


Shrek & Donkey, aka Nate Robinson and Big Baby Davis are highly entertaining…especially the second part of this.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

May 17, 2010

Ok, so it’s almost over..my Pearl Jam binge. I finally on Saturday night and it was as epic as I hoped for.  Here are the top 3 highlights of the night: 1. I’m not a huge Van Halen guy, but this cover was astounding.  Not to mention the fact it is the first time Pearl Jam has ever played it. 2. This might be the most underrated song in the PJ catalog. 3. They opened with my favorite from the new album, even the intro music gave me the chills.


I’m not a huge Perez Hilton fan, but this stuff is pretty hilarious…unless you don’t like awkwardness.


It’s been an up and down week in the world of Boston sports, but the first 15 seconds of this clip, listening to Boston Celtics fans chant to Lebron, might be my favorite 15 seconds of the past 12 months. Depending on which team Lebron chooses (be it New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, etc etc…) look out for a possible dbag post.

HE SAID: Athlete Pet Peeves

January 28, 2010

So I’ve been watching lots of sports lately: the Australian Open, NFL Playoffs, NCAA Bball is heating up with conference play, and a female just won a male professional bowling event, wild times all around!  In addition to being forever frustratred by Favre (sounds like a great book title with unnecessary alliteration), some other things have really pissed me off lately.  So I’m going to take this opportunity to unburden myself in this space.

Pet Peeve #1 (with acknowledgement to ZS) – Most of you don’t watch tennis, but I do.  The last couple years I’ve grown to really like Andy Roddick, but stop going to the towel after every effing point.  It just delays things and annoys fans.  As an aside, I just googled “andy roddick toweling off” and realized they will probably send me gay porn sites now.  Sometimes google is too much.

Pet Peeve #2 – Celebrations in the NFL have run rampant for the past decade or so, and it’s high time they get called out.  I’m not talking about after you score a TD, or break a 45 yard run, make a one handed leaping grab, etc etc…But hey, Ray Lewis, when you make a tackle after a four yard run, no reason to jump up and down like you just got away with murder (get it, he DID get away with murder once)! The NFL is so backwards, they penalize a guy for spiking the ball after a TD, but do nothing when a guy does some stupid dance after a basic tackle.

Pet Peeve # 3 – Can we get first baseman miked up at all times? Or at least get transcripts of conversations had at first base?  Nothing intrigues me more in sports than what the eff is being talked about when A-Rod gets a base hit and stands next to Kevin Youkilis.  I imagine it’s something along these lines: A-Rod – “See how hard I hit that ball? Maybe Derek will finally make out with me!” Youkilis simply shakes his head.

Pet Peeve # 4 – Fans.  More than half of them suck.  If we could rid the world (or at least the sporting world) of about 65% of both the Yankee and Red Sox fanbase (those that wear the pink hats and have never heard of Daniel Bard or Damso Marte), the world would be a better place.

Pet Peeve # 5 – Pretty much the entire NBA.  While I admit, for some reason I can’t stop watching – I’m sick of the traveling, I’m sick of the tattoos, I’m sick of the general thug theme.  In light of the whole Gilbert Arenas shitshow, I found myself realizing that I just wasn’t that surprised by the story whatsoever.  I’m not tired of Rajon Rondo though.

Pet Peeve # 6 – Stop talking about Tiger Woods for just one effing day.

SHE SAID: Athlete Pet Peeves

January 28, 2010

This is one of the posts where I feel like, as the responder, I’m at a disadvantage.  Jeremy has been fuming for weeks now, compiling evidence for his post, and I am sitting on the couch oblivious to his angst, and now I have to post.  Premeditated irascibility is an advantage.

So, off the top of my head, here are my pet peeves.

1. Crying.  I’m not talking about someone tearing up after winning their first Grand Slam or an amazing athletic achievement. I’m talking about getting knocked out of a tournament, not performing as well as you had hoped, and crying about it.  As Tom Hanks said in League of Their Own, “there’s not crying in baseball!?”  Only, apply that to any sport or competition.  It’s okay to be pissed, upset, disappointed, etc.  But, Do.  Not.  Cry.

2. The Fox transformer football icon.  It’s not cool, even my five year-old son who loves Transformers thinks it’s lame.  Ditch it.

3. Grunting in tennis.  While I fully support an athlete doing whatever they need to do in order to perform at their best, when you’re still grunting as your opponent is hitting the ball, or the female spectators are thinking “I’ll have what she’s having”, I think it’s gone a little too far.

4. Olympics coverage.  In the past, we have one channel broadcasting whatever event they think will bring in the most viewers.  While I understand that there are people who have put an inordinate amount of time into figuring out how NBC is going to garner the largest audience who are probably incredibly good at doing so, I also know that there are many of us who are not that thrilled about watching hours of footage on Apollo Ohno or three weeks of figure skating.  I propose a change.  Throughout this latest Australian Open, DirectTV has offered six channels of tennis footage and it has been awesome.  A viewer can watch all six channels at once with a running score under each shot, or pick one to focus on.  Don’t feel like watching women’s tennis but want to watch the Open?  DirectTV is your answer.  It’s also answered my Olympics coverage issue.  NBC, or whoever is airing the Olympics.  Might I suggest you do something similar?  Let those of us who want to watch something other than figure skating have that choice!  And I’m not talking about showing Bode’s run and a heartfelt vignette about his youth and adolescence in a cabin in the white mountains and then cutting back to the fascinating coverage of Sasha Cohen’s pre-skate ankle taping.  Give us a chance to watch an entire event, or at least show all the American competitors.  Call DirectTV, figure something out.  You’ll make more money.

5. VS (or the channel formerly known as OLN).  For those of you who do receive this channel, you know how amazing it is, despite the terrible name change.  Bull riding, bike racing, hunting, it’s got it all.  Anyone interested in watching competitive road biking, has done the annual pilgrimage to VS in order to check out their amazing coverage.  For some reason, this channel gets in disagreements with DirectTV and DishNetwork and the like, over contracts, pricing, what have you, and I randomly find that while I have sought out the package that includes both NESN and VS, that package no longer includes VS because of some dispute between VS and my carrier.  I would like to say, after years of this repetitive bickering, FIGURE IT OUT.  Also, please stop letting another channel carry the bike racing on Sundays.  The coverage is not nearly as good and it’s annoying to settle for lackluster coverage.

6. Crossover.  Just because you are an amazing athlete, it does not mean you can subject us to your writing, acting skills, or the like.  Think of how much better off this world would be without The Rock’s latest movie The Toothfairy, or any of his movies for that matter, the badly written autobiography’s (even a ghost writer can’t help most of these), or Shaq’s album.  The only exception I can think of is the Foreman grill – perhaps the best way to make a grilled cheese ever.

As for the toweling off, while I’m not a Roddick fan 90% of the time and I agree that his overuse of the towel is needless, I do get why one would use extensive towel time when playing Federer on one of his tears.  You need to take time between the points because once he’s on fire, you’re five games down in a set in no time.  Towel off between each point.  It’s your only hope.