I SAID: Case of the Mondays?

November 22, 2010

Maybe my co-writer will notice the subtle post title change, and write on passive-aggressiveness again.  And yes, I do forgive her given she has been extremely busy lately…what with a new job and house.  That being said, it takes all of 8-12 minutes to put one of these together.  Happy Turkey week.

This seems as good a clip to start as any…


Collegehumor take on Social Network, made by other directors. Awesome stuff.


Why post Nirvana playing Smells Like Teen Spirit for the first time? Why not.


If you can deal with subtitles…watch this flick.  Called “The Secret in Their Eyes,” it won Best Foreign Film at the Oscars last year; it’s amazing how good a movie can be with acting and no special effects.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

November 1, 2010

After succesfully passing my comprehensive exam on Friday, which will allow me to graduate with my Master’s in 6 weeks, I went pretty big this Halloween weekend, so I kind of have of a case of the (hungover) Mondays…especially since I have an 8 page paper to write today.  So I’ll use these to distract me:

Please tell me there is a program that makes it easy to loop this 2 second video 300 times…how many minutes did you get through before stopping?


Even if you couldn’t see the Comedy Central special “Restore Sanity and/or Fear” hosted by Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert, check out the liveblog here.


This is for sports fans, and at that only ones that enjoy making fun of horrific announcing.  Here is Chris Myers covering a 50 yard bomb that was almost a touchdown. He sounds as excited as a kid who gets egged and all his halloween candy taken from him on Halloween night from those local teen hoodlums. That never happened to me, and I dont have any lingering issues…promise.

HE SAID: Brett Favre…Really!?

October 8, 2010

Well written Nifer, for the most part.  Before I delve into the topic of penis pictures and text messages, allow me if you will to dispell one notion – “While I’m flabbergasted that someone who has the ability to lead a team would make such a grave alleged mistake.”  He no longer has the ability to lead a team, at least to a superbowl; and hasn’t in over a decade (and quite honestly, even that is in question – if my cousin Desmond Howard hadn’t had his best kick return game ever against the Patriots, Favre would be like Marino – ringless, albeit with less of a cocaine issue).  The only thing Favre has done is lead his team to disappointment.

And now, the old gunslinger has led his family down the same path.  Can we officially change his nickname by the way, I vote for Jason Whitlock of

Favre's career has been better than Oden's...but apparently Greg makes up for it in other ways.

FoxSports idea – Dongslinger.  What scares me about this story (besides Brett Favre on myspace), as well as the Greg Oden one from earlier this year,is how many pictures of athletes’ dongs are actually out there.  These are just two guys who got caught, imagine the plethora of penis pics there are from well known athletes just floating out there in cyberspace somewhere.  There is also a side of this story that pisses me off…why haven’t any men come out and revealed some pictures of Anna Kournikova in the nude?  You are going to tell me that in all her years of partying in Miami she didn’t make just one mistake.  My imagination refuses to believe that.

Or maybe, she is just one of the normal ones.  Someone who doesn’t deem it necessary to show off her goods in an effort to woo men.  And let’s face it, she doesn’t really need to.  But seriously, I really wish she did.

I also don’t want to stand down from my pulpit without touching (pun intended) on Jenn Sterger at all.  Before I rip her apart for being a media whore, I want to first say that she is not to blame for the start of this mess; as in just because she looks good is not an excuse for some older creep to text her pics of him slinging his gun (see what I did there).  However, I do have to question why this is becoming national news two years later…is her tv career not going as well as she planned? Ratings down over on the Versus network? Trying to drum up news ahead of some B movie she will probably star in later.  Again, #4 is alone in creating this mess, but it’s at least partially a two way street now.

I’ll leave us with a thought…what if Favre wasn’t married? Would this really be so bad? Gross, yes. But in some ways I still don’t think it would merit the national news attention it would receive anyway, married or not.  As the aforementioned Whitlock tweeted, “Think about it: do we really wanna live n a society in which a middle-aged man can’t showcase his junk n pursuit of a younger woman?”  However that leads more to a whole other topic on today’s media. But it’s friday, and it’s almost time for yoga…

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

September 20, 2010

I’m still pissed about the Pats second half performance against the Jets yesterday, so I’m going to be brief and just allow you to enjoy these links.  Oh, and enjoy them…they very well could be the last.

Speaking of the Patriots, here is a guide to 15 years of the hair of Tom Brady, commentary included.


Oh wait, now I’m in a good mood again after watching this 15 times already today.  It doesn’t feel like 6 years since the greatest comeback in the history of sports.


And I’ll end with another trailer, but this time an actual movie.  A movie I will be seeing on opening day.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

September 13, 2010

I don’t care if someone used a program to make himself look like this or not, but this is uncomfortably hilarious:


Ok so this is definitely not a typical link for me, but if you are at all interested in how our current food systems affect climate change this should interest you.


Though I did not create this blog, “F*ck The Jets,” I certainly wish I had.


For all you M. Night Shmymamamalan fans out there.

HE SAID: DJ or band?

April 29, 2010

Dare I ask, market research Nifer?

I jest.  I agree with what you’ve written regarding a dj, they can be extremely fun at big parties…but they should be limited to things like sweet 16s, Bar Mitzvahs and perhaps even engagement parties, not a wedding.  See I’ve boiled this down the same way an NFL scout thinks about the draft.  A DJ is like that solid Offensive Lineman you know is going to be a contributor to your team for the next decade, but he is not going to carry your team to the Superbowl.  Basically, his ceiling is only so high.  A band on the other hand is more like the franchise quarterback you take with a top 5 pick expecting to ride him to Disneyland.  Now, I’d equate a Bar Mitzvah, big graduation party, etc to a mid to late first round pick, you don’t need and aren’t expected to get a franchise guy back there.  But a weddding on the other hand, a wedding is like the first pick…you need to blow the shit out of the water with this one.

Only you need to do it better then most NFL teams.  Do some actual research, make sure the band you are getting to going to absolutely crush it.  Don’t hire these guys (yes, I know it’s Lady Gaga but how boring of a perfomrance is that…)  You would probably end up remembering your wedding in the same way the Raiders recall Jamarcus Russell or the Charger Ryan Leaf.  Or how the Broncos will end up remembering Tim Tebow (yes, I know he was a late first rounder but it was probably the worst reach of the draft). Instead, check these guys out…they would be your homerun draft selections like Peyton Manning (i just threw up in my mouth having to write that) and Ricky Williams (not only will he run for lots of yards, he’ll get you high!)

Bottom line(s) are these: your wedding day is one of the more special days you’ll ever have…at least until you split up three years later (hey, statistics don’t lie).  Don’t celebrate it using a DJ who premixed his shit on is MacBook then tries to look cool pretending to spin.  Get a band, a loud rocking band.  The other bottom line is I’ve been looking for any excuse for making fun of the Broncos for drafting Tim Tebow in the first round.

HE SAID: Athlete Pet Peeves

January 28, 2010

So I’ve been watching lots of sports lately: the Australian Open, NFL Playoffs, NCAA Bball is heating up with conference play, and a female just won a male professional bowling event, wild times all around!  In addition to being forever frustratred by Favre (sounds like a great book title with unnecessary alliteration), some other things have really pissed me off lately.  So I’m going to take this opportunity to unburden myself in this space.

Pet Peeve #1 (with acknowledgement to ZS) – Most of you don’t watch tennis, but I do.  The last couple years I’ve grown to really like Andy Roddick, but stop going to the towel after every effing point.  It just delays things and annoys fans.  As an aside, I just googled “andy roddick toweling off” and realized they will probably send me gay porn sites now.  Sometimes google is too much.

Pet Peeve #2 – Celebrations in the NFL have run rampant for the past decade or so, and it’s high time they get called out.  I’m not talking about after you score a TD, or break a 45 yard run, make a one handed leaping grab, etc etc…But hey, Ray Lewis, when you make a tackle after a four yard run, no reason to jump up and down like you just got away with murder (get it, he DID get away with murder once)! The NFL is so backwards, they penalize a guy for spiking the ball after a TD, but do nothing when a guy does some stupid dance after a basic tackle.

Pet Peeve # 3 – Can we get first baseman miked up at all times? Or at least get transcripts of conversations had at first base?  Nothing intrigues me more in sports than what the eff is being talked about when A-Rod gets a base hit and stands next to Kevin Youkilis.  I imagine it’s something along these lines: A-Rod – “See how hard I hit that ball? Maybe Derek will finally make out with me!” Youkilis simply shakes his head.

Pet Peeve # 4 – Fans.  More than half of them suck.  If we could rid the world (or at least the sporting world) of about 65% of both the Yankee and Red Sox fanbase (those that wear the pink hats and have never heard of Daniel Bard or Damso Marte), the world would be a better place.

Pet Peeve # 5 – Pretty much the entire NBA.  While I admit, for some reason I can’t stop watching – I’m sick of the traveling, I’m sick of the tattoos, I’m sick of the general thug theme.  In light of the whole Gilbert Arenas shitshow, I found myself realizing that I just wasn’t that surprised by the story whatsoever.  I’m not tired of Rajon Rondo though.

Pet Peeve # 6 – Stop talking about Tiger Woods for just one effing day.