HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

February 14, 2011

Valentines Day edition.

This will be simple….here are the first 3 SFW youtube clips I thought of when I woke up this morning and realized I’d be having Valentines Day dinner alone. Actually, with my parents…but same thing really.



actually the next one was a scene from a porn…so we’ll just skip to another…


HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

May 17, 2010

Ok, so it’s almost over..my Pearl Jam binge. I finally on Saturday night and it was as epic as I hoped for.  Here are the top 3 highlights of the night: 1. I’m not a huge Van Halen guy, but this cover was astounding.  Not to mention the fact it is the first time Pearl Jam has ever played it. 2. This might be the most underrated song in the PJ catalog. 3. They opened with my favorite from the new album, even the intro music gave me the chills.


I’m not a huge Perez Hilton fan, but this stuff is pretty hilarious…unless you don’t like awkwardness.


It’s been an up and down week in the world of Boston sports, but the first 15 seconds of this clip, listening to Boston Celtics fans chant to Lebron, might be my favorite 15 seconds of the past 12 months. Depending on which team Lebron chooses (be it New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, etc etc…) look out for a possible dbag post.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

May 3, 2010

So I’m going to annoy readers who don’t like sports, because they have consumed my life this past week (even moreso than normal), for better and worse.  Here are some highlights and lowlights in the world of sports this week:

This foul call, along with the whole Tim Donaghy gamlbing thing, are why the NBA struggles to get new fans.


Here is Marc Savard getting knocked out with a severe concussion a couple months back.  Here he is Saturday, scoring the game winning goal in Boston Bruins OT against the Philadelphia Flyers in game one…in his first game back.


The rebirth of the Boston Celtics happened during this fight.  Unfortunately, based on game 1 against Cleveland, the rebirth won’t last too long.


This guy is going to be a legit New England Patriot…if anything skip to the end when his family chants his name. Awesome stuff.


I was going to post something about the Red Sox, but it’s just too depressing at this point.  Instead, I’ll veer off my path and show you another highlight from Pearl Jam, Hartford 2008…since I’ll be seeing them again in 12 days.  Here is Eddie talking about the epa and global warming stuff…usually this annoys me at shows, but at least it gets conversation going. (beware some curse words)

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

April 26, 2010

Editors note: I have no idea the whereabouts of She Said, hopefully she is ok…but if not, I am sure she’d want me to post these.

Some youtube clips for your enjoyment. Oh and a shout out to She Said, her post was selected to be on the front page of wordpress.com, resulting in over 4,000 views over the span of a couple days.  I felt famous. So, hoping we get some of those people back I’m going to be annoying and repost our twitter feed and hope to attract a few more followers.  Now, on to the clips –

Perhaps you’ve seen this little chunker singing Lady Gaga already, if you haven’t click here right effing now.  Even if you have, watch it again…it is sure to brighten up what is otherwise a typically awful day.


Time and time again, Cartman has claimed ‘gingers dont have souls.’  Well, this kid disagrees (i would use headphones for this one).  Here is Cartman’s response.


Somehow I let the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death pass a couple weeks back with no mention.  As such, here is Pearl Jam playing Immortality (often thought to have been written about KC) at the last show I was at.  Less than 3 weeks til the next one…

HE SAID: The 1990s

April 22, 2010

I feel like lots of my time on this blog has been devoted casual references to the epic 1980s.  And besides a few mentions of shows like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved by the Bell, we really haven’t given enough credence to the 1990s.  Lots of cool shit went down in the 90s, and I’d like to tell you about some of them

1. The first thing that stands out is 1990s movies that tried so desperately to pretend they were still in the 80s.  Side Out, Days of Thunder, Point Break, Aspen Extreme…all movies made in the 90s.  Hell, Aspen Extreme was made in 1993! Oh and sidenote – if you haven’t seen Side Out, the beach volleyball movie starring C. Thomas Howell and Courtney Throne Smith, netflix the shit out of it.  These movies, from the cheesy soundtracks to the wardrobes scream 1980s, and its sweet.

2. Remember when you could wear a flannel shirt because Eddie Vedder rocked one? Or a cardigan because Kurt Cobain made them popular (I refuse to mention Mr. Rogers, who still gives me nightmares)? Perhaps you forgot, which is easy to do because of all the indie hipsters out there who have made these articles of clothing impossible to wear without the requisite skinny jeans (luckily, we are somewhat safe in Vermont).

3. Speaking of Eddie and Kurt, on the whole the music produced in the 1990s was WAY more memorable than what we get these days.  40 years later and we still talk about the Beatles/Floyd/Zeppelin etc, and in 20 years bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam will still be known to all (and yes, U effing 2 – though they are an 80s and 90s band).  Hell even Britney Spears will probably be talked about, if only because she’ll be making her 17th comeback.  But music the past 10 years or so, while I’ve enjoyed it, has produced very few, if any bands or artists that have a good chance of making it well into our future. Lady Gaga included.

4. While the 1990s was a decade of futility for teams (Patriots made one super bowl, sucked the rest of the decade; Celtics had their second player in 7 years die of cocaine issues and were a joke; the Red Sox spawned teams that featured names like Damon Buford; and the Bruins weren’t even on anyone’s radar), they were in a sense more enjoyable to watch.  I didn’t know every single thing about every single player – from what PED they were taking to what nightclub they were at trying to have sex with a young coed.  I don’t condone this action, but sometimes ignorance is bliss.

5. I really feel like bad, yet incredibly watchable TV was paramount in the 90s (90210 will not be listed here, it is not a bad show) – Party of Five, Walker Texas Ranger, Melrose Place, Califronia Dreams, Saved the Bell: The College Years, Friends…yup, I said Friends, that show sucked.  Why? Cause Ross is a huge tool. He Said, OUT!

HE SAID: Lyrics

April 1, 2010

Typically, our posts total about 1,000 words when you add He Said & She Said.  Unfortunately for me, Nifer just had a case of the runs…on her post.  Really, Nifer? 8effing47 words on lyrics?  Don’t get me wrong I love your passion, but you are leaving me with quite a dilemma – do I write a full post, which between the two of us would probably bore the shit out of people…or do I keep it short and sweet, throw in a few jabs at people and call it a day?  I think I’ll go with the latter, so as not to test our reader’s sanity too much.  Oh, also, for what it’s worth…great selections.  I am not being sarcastic.  Promise.

Ok, so I’ll start with what I think is the all-time worst lyric.  It comes from everyone’s favorite fake punk rock chick, Avril Lavigne (fyi – there was an Avril look alike at my undergrad institution, I was infatuated…she probably still doesn’t know who I am).  Let it first be known that I loved “Complicated,” lest you think I just want to rip on Avril.  But the first time I heard “Sk8er Boi” I almost puked in my mouth.  The opening line to the chorus is, “He was a skater boy, she said ‘see ya later boy.'”  Now, I am not a master of the English language (clearly), but even if technically ‘boy’ and ‘boy’ rhyme, they are the same effing word.  I could go on for pages about this one line, but a promise is a promise…

I have far too many favorite lyrics to elaborate on, so I’m simply going to list them with the song and author.  If you want to pursue them, feel free…

“I’ve got so much beauty around me I can’t move/I’ve got so much beauty around me I can’t lose/I’ve got so much beauty around me I can’t choose” Damien Rice, Toffee Pop

“Don’t it make you smile? When the sun don’t shine, it don’t shine at all…I miss you already” Pearl Jam, Smile

“They say time will make all this go away, but it’s time that has taken my tomorrows, and turned them into yesterdays” Ben Harper, Walk Away

“You think I got my eyes closed…But I’m looking at you the whole fucking time” Pearl Jam, Once.  So badass, I wish I was that badass…the end.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays

March 22, 2010

EDITORS NOTE: Since my co-writer thought it would be more important to catch up on her reading while on vacation in Florida then find some wi-fi for five minutes, you’ll only have my links for now.  Should she decide to get her lazy ass away from the tennis club she is posting up at (yes, you read that right…not a beach, but a tennis club), you may have more links later.

I don’t even have to stare a 40 hour work week in the face and I’m still kind of depressed.  After 10 or so days of sunny springlike weather, Vermont is kicking us in the ass again with a week of low 40’s and rain/sleet/snow/shit.  So, I hope these links are as therapuetic for you as they were for me.

Generic Movie clip.  This thing is effing genius.  Watch it more than once to catch everything.


Here are 14 Drinks named after modern athlets.  Sneak preview:


Directions: Pour 14 cans of Busch Light into a bucket. Garnish with chicken wings.


Two great clips from collegehumor.  Possibly not safe for work.


This was my favorite moment of the last time I saw Pearl Jam in Hartford. I might post a weekly youtube clip of them until I see them again in May.