SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays

April 12, 2011

posted … Tuesday night.

I have been so caught up with sports and watching sports and hearing about sports that I haven’t had time to watch the second episode, but Jeremy told me about this awesome new show called The Killing.  The pilot and first season were impressive and I’m looking forward to securing some couch time to watch the second episode sometime soon.  Maybe in a few months after the NHL playoffs.


After spending the week (yes, when the person you live with is putting together a pool it’s at least a week long event) talking about and watching the Masters, this Bill Simmons article was one of the best things I’ve read in a long time.  I think I would have been as impressed even if my week hadn’t revolved around the Masters.

Also, as a side note, my big sister is running the Boston Marathon Monday morning.  This Bill Simmons article about the event is also one of my favorites.

_______ is getting a ton of attention of late, but in case you haven’t seen it, check out chicks with Steve Buscemeyes.


Another dating website. I think this one is a really good idea for Jeremy because it’s based on music taste.  I wonder if they have a filter for Red Sox fans.

SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

May 24, 2010

It was obvious that Britney Spears started packing on the pounds when she threw back 17 frappachinos from Starbucks a day.  Just in case she’s looking or a new high calorie liquid habit, here is a list of the 20 worst drinks in America and their caloric equivalent in food.


For those of us who love food but hate the hassle of coming up with a menu or recipe: this little gem.


Also, not sure how I feel about this in relation to my age, but Pac Man turned 30.  He’s not dealing with it really well.


Too hungover to digest and reflect upon your graduation speech yesterday?  Here’s a graduation message for any new fledgling graduates out there.  Also, congratulations.  I remember feeling incredibly both terrified and unbound.  The world was my oyster and I was hell bent on exploring and dominating it.


The Mississippi River is now closed to the Gulf of Mexico due to severe oil contamination.

I was kind of hoping that some lessons would be taken away from the oil spill in the Gulf.  Maybe, at the least, that we would take some time to step back, assess the problem, the causes of the spill and how to best move forward safely.  Instead, 19 new permits have been issued for more drilling. The spin is that these are not new drilling projects, but new work on existing projects.  Apparently preventing another disaster is not high on the to do list.


I’m running in a marathon in 6 days.  In light of this, I thought I would revisit one of our posts from last September on running long distances.  Jeremy is a HUGE fan.

SHE SAID: Lyrics

April 1, 2010

While I’ve never been a huge fan of poetry, I have always had time for the ADD-friendly alternative, song lyrics.  Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of music while training for a marathon.  And while I’m out plodding along and getting miles under my belt, I find that I’m focusing more on the lyrics than I used to.

Some of my favorite lyrics are found in Bob Dylan’s songs.  The last verse of Bob Dylan’s Dream, a song about friendships and time, always chokes me up: I wish, I wish, I wish in vain/ that we could sit simply in that room again/ ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat/ I’d give it all gladly i our lives could be like that.”

I have moments where a lyric I thought I understood has a completely different meaning for me.  This morning Grace Potter’s “Stop the Bus” threw me for a loop when I realized that “the day you asked me for my name” could refer to an introduction or a marriage proposal.  Revelations on the Road.  Sometimes they are more insightful than others.

Ray LaMontagne’s lyrics in “Empty” are, while not the greatest to exercise to, are beyond lovely:  “outside the rain is tapping/on the leaves/to me it sounds like/they’re applauding us/the quite love/we’ve made”.  The whole song is achingly beautiful.  Check it out.

This morning, I also decided that I wholeheartedly appreciate the honesty in Cake’s “Love You Madly” confession: “I don’t want to doubt you/ know everything about you/ I don’t want to sit across the table from you/wishing I could run”

And, in that same vein, is Citizen Cope’s “If there’s love/ I just wanna have something to do with it.” Pretty much sums it up.

Eric Lindell is impressive in fitting all his words into his “Rock & Roll”: “And in a wink/they’re on the brink/from drink to drink/and at the bar/with cash to flow/shot to shot/it’s getting hot/advance the plot/to see how far it’s gonna go/all depends/on ditch the friends/and grab a cab/another chance/at cheap romance/doesn’t count ’cause the room is spinning/nothing to lose/tonight they both are winning/and they fall in love/as they fall in bed”  The impressive part is that the tempo fits the sentiment perfectly.

The Raconteurs have one of my favorites “You don’t understand me/ but if the feeling was right/ you might comprehend me” and they also wrote an impressive narrative ballad, “Carolina Drama” that is incredible.

But, I also have some randoms in my mix that confirm how easily lyrics can go awry.  I say, either nail them down, or stick with simple (I believe I have demonstrated both above).  Also, I realize that the power ballads of the 80’s provide ample material to rip apart in a post like this as do artists like Britney, Madonna and The Spice Girls, but I’m trying to stick with songs that are on my iPod.

Jamie Cullum. Stop trying so hard. “This has been fun, I suppose/although my feelings are all juxtaposed.”  Jamie clearly really, really wanted to use the word juxtaposed in a song.  More so than having a string of words make sense, he wanted to wow the ladies with his SAT vocabulary word choice.

Mya.  Yes, I draw the line at Madonna and the Spice Girls, but Mya made the cut.  I also have some Beyoncé and Pussycat Dolls – IT MAKES THE RUN A LITTLE MORE FUN.  Back to Mya.  It’s so easy, it’s almost not worth mentioning.  But, couldn’t you have come up with something easily as groovy and slightly more descriptive than “my love it like … wo/ my kiss is like … wo/ my touch is like … wo”  I think Mya and Jamie Cullum should hang out and each positively influence the lyrics of the other.  That being said, the rest of the song is fun and I smile when it comes on and I can pretend my ass is like … wo.

And lastly, Train.  I love to run to your “Hey Soul Sister” because it’s catchy and poppy and cheerful, but the opening line is quite possibly the worst in the entire song: “your lipstick stains/ on the front lobe of my left side brains” … this isn’t a science class – you’re a pop group.  I think there might have been a way to relate that idea.  Not a great opener.

This song is full of gems: “the smell of you in every single dream I dream”.  Ahhhh, thank you for clearing that up.  I was confused it might be in a dream you eat.

And while I love the line: “I’m so obsessed/ my heart is bound to beat right out my untrimmed chest”, I think this song might take the cake for most amount of ridiculous lyrics.  Although, now that I have viewed the official video, it appears that Train is quite proud of the lyrics because they are written out and plastered all over the video.  Maybe they realized they were ridiculous and figured they would preemptively attack that issue by putting them out there in song and print.

SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

March 29, 2010

Good morning.  Kind of wish I could start off every morning wishing those I see first thing a hearty top of the mornin’ to ya!  I think that would elicit more smiles.

Anyway, on to some links …

Interested in subjecting yourself to the top 13 worst songs by professional athletes?  I wish these videos were better quality, because they look like GEMS.  I think Carl Lewis was styled by Olovia Newton John and had RuPaul on makeup.  The Bryan Brothers Band is one of my favorites.  Featuring guest raps by Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic, falsetto back-ups, a sweet keyboard solo and lyrics like: “So you got your autograph, now whatcha gonna do?  Take it to the beach?  Or use it at the zoo?” I’m confused as to why this wasn’t a bigger hit.


Joshua has started this blog fusing his interest in people with his love of photography.  He was supposed to do it for a year, starting September 2008, but he’s decided to keep working on it.


Jeremy should give up facebook for passover.


Runners share their stories about losing their marathon “v-card”.

HE SAID: Running

September 28, 2009

We have argued the positives and negatives of Forrest Gump in a previous blog, and like most human beings with any sort of emotion, I was a strong supporter of the film.  However, one part always annoyed me was this.  What the fuck is all the running about? Who made the executive decision that running was something you could construe as exercise? (By the way, in looking for a good youtube clip I came across this, it’s kind of funny…especially if you have a penis.

I just never could grasp the concept of running.  I think this is mostly do a few important factors: 1. I am incredibly lazy and 2. I am incredibly slow.  But still, competing in a sport like cross country always blew my mind.  For high school tennis we used to have to run 2 miles once a week to better our stamina, in the hopes that it would improve our overall tennis game; or maybe we’d do some strength training.  But in cross country, all they did was run.

I know I am coming off like a complete, ignorant jackass (I never have claimed not to be one), I simply don’t get any enjoyment out of it.  I have run before (albeit never more than two miles).  In the previously mentioned high school runs myself and a few others used to cut through the middle of campus to shorten it; and then in college we had to run two miles at the beginning of the fall season and then beat whatever time we got at the end of it.  So in typical Me fashion, I pretty much power walked my first time making it easy on myself the second time around.  In retrospect, probably a stupid tactic employed by our coach.  In fact, our coach wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed…he is no longer head coach, but for something else very different from stupidity.

This has pretty much been a diarrhea of the mouth type post, and an excessively stinky one at that.  I only thought of it because my co-writer ran a half marathon today out in Lake Tahoe.  She said it was “so much fun and the scenery was breathtaking.” Again, I question the funness of it because pounding your body on pavement for two hours or so just isn’t natural.  And as for the scenery, guess what? I bet lots of people who sat at a vista point to watch the runners got a pretty good fucking view as well (people who consistently watch marathons (not people who watch their family members/significant others yada yada yada) might be an entirely different topic for another day).  I guess you can make the whole self-fulfillment argument, and I get it…guess it just boils down to the whole notion of whatever floats your boat.  I get self-fulfillment out of the fact my fantasy football teams will be a collective 7-2 this weekend, Nifer gets it from abusing her body.

My whole point of view can best be summed up by a comment on Nifer’s facebook status, “…Hope you had a great run*…*contradiction of terms.”

SHE SAID: Running

September 28, 2009

In high school, I hated running and I didn’t get it either, so I completely understand where Jeremy is coming from.  I didn’t see why you would do something like run without a destination in mind.  And, as a team competitor for the most part, I didn’t see how something could be fun, and I mean really fun, without a score, some dramatic plays in which the other team got ridiculed, and spectators, the more the better.

And, I also can’t remember how I got into running, but it was after college, and I was hooked pretty easily.

I think what drew me to running was what initially repelled me. After years of competing on teams and competing in general, the idea of just running, for a long period of time, by myself, on a long road was incredibly appealing.  All you needed was some decent running shoes and the rest was optional as far as techie stuff.  Anyone can do it.  You don’t need a membership to some club, a ton of gear, the best gear, a certain climate or a trainer.  All you need is some running shoes and some time.

However, there are also people who have the long mindset.  You either like the long distance endurance sports, or you don’t.  It might be something that’s changeable, as it was for me.  You get to a point in your life where you just want to do that and it sounds fun to you.  Some people are there at twelve and run track in middle and high school, some take a little longer.

This past weekend, for the first time, I entered a running race.  I was worried that it would take a lot of the fun out of running for me, having approached it as a non-competitive endeavor for so long.  But I also wanted to compete, to see if I could finish a race, to say I’ve done it, cross it off the bucket list.

Of course, I didn’t need to enter my first running race at altitude out in Tahoe, that was because of my dear friend Liz who happened to mention that she was thinking about running one and that tickets out to Reno round trip were under $400.  Ten minutes later, I’m entered in a half marathon and have an e-ticket waiting for me in my in-box.  It didn’t occur to me that I would be training at 600 feet and racing at 6800 until about two days before the race.

And I did it.  More than that, it was really fun.  The view was unparalleled.  There were moments that made me laugh like when the man running next to me yelled at his mother, who was taking pictures of him every 500 feet, “Mom, I’m running a race!”  There were moments that tried me, and moments were I impressed myself, times when my friends cheering kept me going and times when I was all by myself without any runners around that were zen like.  I thought about serious things and beyond ridiculous things.

20090927 half marathon 096

And yes, Jerermy.  It was fun.  I never thought, even when someone made a sign at 24.5 miles that said 25 mile mark and I didn’t realize the error until the real 25 mile mark, that I would rather be doing anything else or wished I weren’t out there running.

20090927 half marathon 151

Here is the whole group, complete with the support crew.  Some competed in the 2 mile swim, a 72 mile bike ride and then the half marathon on Sunday.  Butch and Maria even completed the bike ride on a tandem bike.  An amazing group of people and an epic weekend, thanks to Liz and Lindsay’s hosting, that I will remember fondly forever.