SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays

April 12, 2011

posted … Tuesday night.

I have been so caught up with sports and watching sports and hearing about sports that I haven’t had time to watch the second episode, but Jeremy told me about this awesome new show called The Killing.  The pilot and first season were impressive and I’m looking forward to securing some couch time to watch the second episode sometime soon.  Maybe in a few months after the NHL playoffs.


After spending the week (yes, when the person you live with is putting together a pool it’s at least a week long event) talking about and watching the Masters, this Bill Simmons article was one of the best things I’ve read in a long time.  I think I would have been as impressed even if my week hadn’t revolved around the Masters.

Also, as a side note, my big sister is running the Boston Marathon Monday morning.  This Bill Simmons article about the event is also one of my favorites.

_______ is getting a ton of attention of late, but in case you haven’t seen it, check out chicks with Steve Buscemeyes.


Another dating website. I think this one is a really good idea for Jeremy because it’s based on music taste.  I wonder if they have a filter for Red Sox fans.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

April 12, 2010

This would be like Jim Nantz not realizing Tiger choked yesterday at the final round of the Masters.  Gotta love the Brits.


Um, we wrote an entire post on the site OMEGLE once.  Well in an effort to procrastinate writing a paper, I decided to go back.  Guess what, you can now video chat.  First convo loaded up and guess what…well, anyway I signed off immediately and I wouldn’t recommend it for work, or if you are averse to seeing hairy balls.


One of the more powerful musical performances you are likely to watch anytime soon. Mark Knopfler is criminally underrated.


As a celebration for the end of the ski season, here is the trailer to the best ski movie of all time.

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

February 22, 2010

I was a lazy POS this weekend, and as a result am actually preparing this on Sunday afternoon, from my couch, where I have spent the bulk of my weekend.  This is in no small part due to the fact that a mountain company that will remain nameless, in Stowe Vermont, couldn’t figure out a way to open up most of their lifts this weekend.  Bitterness aside, I’ll try to throw down some entertaining links for you poor suckers that have to work.

Savage Garden classic, as done by drunk Brits.


I’m tired of the Tiger thing, but here is Sports Guy article on”the speech.” Why didn’t Tiger end his speech with “huge, quickly, bye.”


Anyone interested in this craigslist item? Nothing like Grandma’s sextoy.


I watched this about 16 times last weekend, and laughed harder each time.  Not safe for work.

HE SAID: Winter Olympics

February 18, 2010

I really enjoy the Winter Olympics.  I’ll throw that out there right from the get-go.  I am really getting into them this year (in no small part because I have very little else to do).  I watched the Men’s Cross-Country sprint yesterday…holy shit those guys go balls out.  And especially this event comes during a total crappy time for sports – post superbowl, prebaseball, middle of an already boring basketball and hockey season, and just before March Madness.  It’s almost perfect…almost.  Allow me a few short paragraphs to highlight some of my dislikes.

#1 – Men’s Figure Skating – No, not the figure skating itself.  What they can do on a pair of skates is nothing short of amazing.  I actually have a hard time getting into it because I am not able to fathom what they are doing.  But that’s  not the main issue I have with Men’s Figure Skating.  In many winter olympics sports in addition to figure skating (speed skating, alpine/nordic skiing to name a few), they are forced to wear tight-fitting outfits in order to better compete.  But only in Men’s Figure Skating do they look overtly homosexual.  I’m not gay bashing, I don’t hate the outfits…I simply don’t get it.

#2 – Shaun White’s hair – He won gold last night, and it wasn’t even close.  He is one of those athlets that when he does something people think “that will never be done again” along the lines of Tony Hawk, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Tonya Harding.  But I’ve had enough of his flaming locks.  We’ll probably read his biography in 20 years and learn they were extensions anyway, Agassi style, so just save us and cut them off now.

#3 – NBC coverage.  Fuck you NBC, I hate the way you cover sports with all your tape delayed bullshit, and I hate Bob Costas.

#3a – Facebook Groups shitting on NBC for lack of ski coverage – Guess what assholes? You guys created that group not realizing that alpine events were delayed and delayed because of the weather.  Though I do ultimately appreciate anyone ripping on NBC.

#4 – Canadian coverage – Being in Vermont, I am the lucky recepient of a broadcast station from Canada…so far I have used it as a form of ambien.  Are all Canadians this boring? Or only the people they choose to host their olympic coverage.  I know I’m used to US sensationalism, which annoys me as well, I’m looking for something in between.

#5 – Curling – I refuse to believe this is a sport.  Anything that relates most closely to shuffleboard (a GAME played by either old people or drunken frat boys on a spring break cruise) should not be considered for International Olympic Competition.  Although watching teammates yell at each other is somewhat entertaining; and makes me think all Olympic sports should allow trash talking…imagine some of the possibilities when an American went up against a Frenchman…

HE SAID: Athlete Pet Peeves

January 28, 2010

So I’ve been watching lots of sports lately: the Australian Open, NFL Playoffs, NCAA Bball is heating up with conference play, and a female just won a male professional bowling event, wild times all around!  In addition to being forever frustratred by Favre (sounds like a great book title with unnecessary alliteration), some other things have really pissed me off lately.  So I’m going to take this opportunity to unburden myself in this space.

Pet Peeve #1 (with acknowledgement to ZS) – Most of you don’t watch tennis, but I do.  The last couple years I’ve grown to really like Andy Roddick, but stop going to the towel after every effing point.  It just delays things and annoys fans.  As an aside, I just googled “andy roddick toweling off” and realized they will probably send me gay porn sites now.  Sometimes google is too much.

Pet Peeve #2 – Celebrations in the NFL have run rampant for the past decade or so, and it’s high time they get called out.  I’m not talking about after you score a TD, or break a 45 yard run, make a one handed leaping grab, etc etc…But hey, Ray Lewis, when you make a tackle after a four yard run, no reason to jump up and down like you just got away with murder (get it, he DID get away with murder once)! The NFL is so backwards, they penalize a guy for spiking the ball after a TD, but do nothing when a guy does some stupid dance after a basic tackle.

Pet Peeve # 3 – Can we get first baseman miked up at all times? Or at least get transcripts of conversations had at first base?  Nothing intrigues me more in sports than what the eff is being talked about when A-Rod gets a base hit and stands next to Kevin Youkilis.  I imagine it’s something along these lines: A-Rod – “See how hard I hit that ball? Maybe Derek will finally make out with me!” Youkilis simply shakes his head.

Pet Peeve # 4 – Fans.  More than half of them suck.  If we could rid the world (or at least the sporting world) of about 65% of both the Yankee and Red Sox fanbase (those that wear the pink hats and have never heard of Daniel Bard or Damso Marte), the world would be a better place.

Pet Peeve # 5 – Pretty much the entire NBA.  While I admit, for some reason I can’t stop watching – I’m sick of the traveling, I’m sick of the tattoos, I’m sick of the general thug theme.  In light of the whole Gilbert Arenas shitshow, I found myself realizing that I just wasn’t that surprised by the story whatsoever.  I’m not tired of Rajon Rondo though.

Pet Peeve # 6 – Stop talking about Tiger Woods for just one effing day.

SHE SAID: Tiger Woods

November 30, 2009

You don’t usually hear much about Tiger Woods.  Other than his golf results, he tends to stay out of the limelight.  Which is why it was surprising to hear on Friday morning that he was in the hospital after a car accident near his house.

Tiger was hammered on Thanksgiving and got into a car!

Only, no, alcohol wasn’t involved.  The facts: He was going under 33 miles per hour since the airbags didn’t deploy and the back windows of his vehicle were smashed by a golf club.  Since then the rumor mills have been regularly churning out so called news on the event, despite Tiger not releasing a statement until later in the afternoon on the 29th.  An amazing amount of information considering the lack of factual evidence and all the speculation on which it’s based.

Our fascination probably has to do with Tiger never being involved in slanderous stories.  Or golf as a whole since it’s never been associated with loud personalities interested in garnering attention and blaming their possession of narcotics on the fact that they were wearing someone else’s pants.  Usually, the craziest aspect of golf is when someone wears an argyle sweater with checkered pants.  It’s a pretty tame sport and group of athletes.

For a moment when all this gossip was flying around, it was akin to finding out the uptight high school librarian had stared in a porn movie to make some cash on the side.  This was something so different from the impression and carefully sculpted image Tiger has established and maintained that most people I knew were talking about it.

At this point, Tiger’s silence has only added to the general fascination.  Whoever Tiger’s public relations person is should be fired.  The event is unfortunate, but the handling of it leads me to wonder if he has anyone working PR for him at all.  I understand he wants privacy, I understand that he probably thought in staying silent people would have nothing to go on and move on to the next tabloid highlight.  But in holding out for so long on giving a statement or denying any of the stories, in one sense, he’s given the media the green light to deconstruct his marriage and extra curricular activities.  It isn’t necessarily right, but it’s selling papers or attracting visitors to a site.  And selling papers is the bottom line, especially now that print media is struggling to survive this recession.  He has to know that by taking this tack while the end goal might get accomplished, in the meantime, the press is going to feast on him and his wife like vultures.  And if what the National Enquirer is claiming as the cause of the fight is actually the case, all of this attention can’t be helping them get through anything.

HE SAID: Tiger Woods

November 30, 2009

I almost feel like this post belongs on our dbag page, because there really isn’t a more accurate word to describe Tiger Woods – at least with regards to this specific situation.  Actually, there isn’t a more accurate word to describe anyone in this particular situation.  The situation is filled with dbags.  How many dbags we got on this ship anyhow (for those that didn’t catch this reference, go check out Spaceballs).

I mean, really, lets dissect from the top.  Tiger. Effing dbag.  First of all, who gets into an accident by driving into a tree and fire hydrant at less than 33 mph.  Oh wait, that happens all the time, to less than sober drivers.  Then for what has been almost a week, he has avoided both police and reporters and has only released a statement basically asking to respect his privacy.  Eff that, I don’t buy into the whole “superstars are entitled to the same amount of privacy everyone else is.”  Bullshit. You know why? We regular people are the reason he is so wealthy.  We pay premium prices for tickets to see him, we buy Nike gear that fund his endorsements.  Now, I’m not saying we should be entitled to who is he most likely banging on the side, but we deserve more than he is given; it’s part of the social contract.

The police.  You are also being dbags.  Just do your effing jobs.  Don’t cower to the power of celebrity that is Tiger Woods.  Putting the interview off once I can deal with…one can make the argument that Tiger was in some rough shape and needed some time to recover.  Twice? Three times now?  Please, just get this over with.

TMZ/National Enquirer.  You are also dbags…but not just because of this story.  Your entire purpose is to make other people miserable.  Do people that work for outfits such as these realize this aspect to their lives?  You are successful in your job if you tap deeply into the private lives of others, making them suffer.  Sweet life.

General Public. We are being dbags about this as well.  Lets all calm down with the conspiracy theories about them staging the accident to avoid public scrutiny about domestic dispute.  Like I said above, we deserve the truth, but we don’t need to dissect every aspect to his marriage.  Everyone should just shut the eff up about this already.  Which makes this entire post somewhat contradictory.  So I’ll stop.

After I mention Elin Nordegren Woods.  You are not innocent in all this, but when I looked you up I found this, and just can’t come up with anything negative to say about you.