SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

March 7, 2011

I know I shouldn’t complain, because the weather in Florida was awesome and we went to the Honda Classic and a Red Sox spring training game … but I’ve been at JFK for hours, stranded because of weather in Vermont (2 feet of new snow) and I’m kind of wishing I had either stayed in Florida or stayed in Florida.  I found myself asking … myself, what would a stranded traveling Cyndi Lauper do?

And here is the answer:


Charlie Sheen is on fire of late.  Did you know that he published a book of poetry in the eighties?  Here is the link to some selections.


I had a conversation at dinner about how messed up Florida is, crime-wise, and that it’s one of the most dangerous places to be, as a child.  Oddly enough, I came across this link this morning.

SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

August 23, 2010

The first airline safety video I’ve paid attention to in years.


Today is national spongecake day.  Happy spongecake day.  I wish I it were national bread pudding day…

If you’re kicking yourself for not being prepared, here is a link to the days of the year dedicated to celebrating food.  It would be easier if it were laid out in a calendar month form, but this way you can scroll through to your favorite foods.


This link is for Jeremy.  Given his love of Catcher in the Rye and his favorite reading throne, this is right up his alley.


I’ve always said 1978 was a great year.  I was born, Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds got his 3,000th major league hit, and “books were still popularly read on paper, not on digital devices. Trees were felled to get the word out.”  Want to check out what happened the year you were born?

HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

August 9, 2010

I’m actually writing this Sunday night, because after four 10 hour tennis teaching days, capped off with day drinking on a boat, I think I am going to sleep until noon tomorrow…and I can do that since I have nothing to do for three weeks. Sweet.

This is NSFW…but is a hilarious Lebron commercial about the rumors that former teammate was ‘having relations’ with Bron Bron’s mom.


My favorite current Brett Favre is retiring article (with subtle hints that Favre is a dbag)


Not one of the new tracks, but the closing number at Arcade Fire’s “Unstaged” youtube concert last week at MSG.


Because of the awful experience I had with US Airways this week, I figured I would provide you with google results for the term ‘US air sucks’…there is actually some funny crap out there.

SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

June 10, 2010

So, in keeping with my epic late-ness, here is my case of the Monday’s post … on Thursday evening.  And here is my list of excuses.

1. I’m in the middle of moving.

2. My son is graduating from nursery school tomorrow.  Yes, now they have graduations although the cap and gown have yet to make an appearance.

3. I was planning to write Sunday night, only we got delayed on our way back from this awesome wedding in VA (the entire wedding was in the pool at the end of the night – in full wedding attire).

4. I’m always always late.  It runs in my family.

I’m done with the disclaimers.  Onto the links …


I think I could pack this site with awkward photos, but they seem to be doing a great job without my input.


Now the biggest spill in history, here is a way to gauge the size of the catastrophic Gulf oil spill in a way that hits home.


“At 51, I have decided fantasy should be limited to sex, not football.”
David Remnick comes out against fantasy sports.

courtesy the Awl


Forget bungee jumping and sky diving.  This looks pretty awesome.  This was shot in Bermuda.

SHE SAID: Share the Road

August 4, 2009

I have it easy.  Road biking in Vermont is a pretty friendly experience.  Drivers are incredibly generous for the most part and used to groups of multi-colored, spandex wearing bikers on the shoulders of the road.  I have heard that biking in the South is not as enjoyable.  One friend recounted getting beer cans thrown at her from passing trucks (I don’t know if said truck had a confederate flag sticker, but it would complete the picture), horn honking and getting the finger on at least an hourly basis.  Come to think of it, I have never biked with her, so I can’t speak to her modus operandi on a bike, but I’m going to assume that she wasn’t riding double on a busy road or riding in the middle of the road, and therefore, was unnecessarily harassed.

Hnidy ... biking

However, I have been harassed on a bike while minding my own business, riding close to the edge all by self, and let me tell you, it’s scary as all hell.

Drivers who buzz us.  Yes.  You are bigger.  Your truck (isn’t it usually a truck!?) could flatten me in no time and I am aware of that without a reminder.  Also, you are faster.  Impressive.  Thank you for the demonstration.  Go away now.

You could also send me spiraling over the top of your vehicle, over the front of my handlebars, over the guard rail and into that rapid river flowing a few hundred feet below, into that ditch, wrapped around that mailbox post, that tree, that telephone pole … trust me, I have considered, envisioned and have a substantial amount of  both fear and respect for all the possible situations.

Your trailer is impressive, and no, I was not expecting it or the 4×4’s it was carrying.  Thank you for giving me such an up close look at them, I think one is leaking oil.  I generally don’t like having to ride my bike that was designed for pavement on the gravel threshold, but when you give me no option, it’s a thrill to hope I a) stay on my bike and in case of a fall b) don’t fall into the road.  Also, UPS truck driver, did you even see me?  I think your cab brushed the fingers on my handlebars.  I’m all for experiencing firsts … but that was a little too freaky for me.

I don’t understand the road rage towards bikers.  Even if someone is riding double on a busy road, there are a million better ways to handle the situation before buzzing someone on a bike frame that weighs under 20 pounds who is riding with the traffic.  Honk, give the finger, yell “ass-hoooooooooole” out the window, curse under your breath, write a blog post about how annoying road riders are, but don’t threaten us with the mighty force of your 4,000 plus pound vehicle.  It’s an unfair fight, and I didn’t bring my slingshot (my tire repair kit weighs in at a few grams and I was upset about that additional weight so the stone and slingshot got axed).

bikeOr, try getting on a bike yourself and experiencing the sublime beauty of a long ride’s scenery, the exhilaration of a few hours in the saddle, the idiocy of some asshole with a Hemi who is in a hurry and takes it out on you.

In summery, you do not have permission to buzz the tower.  That’s a negative, ghost rider, the pattern is full.

HE SAID: Share The Road

August 4, 2009

See, you have put me in an extremely awkward position here Nifer.  It really seems as if no matter what I say, I will come across as a cynical asshole.  And while those that know me well, know I’m indeed a bit of an asshole, I really don’t want the be labeled cynical as well.  But I’ll try my best…

It breaks down like this – when it comes to the relationship between driver and road biker, there are a certain percentage of drivers that suck, and a certain percentage of road bikers that suck.  Since I have found myself on a bike about as many times as I have had serious relationships since I got my drivers license (you don’t need all the fingers on one hand), I can only speak from the driver’s perspective.

I can honestly say that I have a good working relationship with the common roadbiker.  It is in my experience that the common roadbiker adheres to the rules of “Sharing the Road.” I’m not entirely sure what those rules are, but seems to me the major one is: I’ll do my best to stay out of your way, you do your best to stay out of mine.”  And I honestly feel like most drivers are the same way, but inevitably, as in all walks of life, there are exceptions to the rule.

I have found that most exceptions, in this case, tend to be couples that are biking together.  Two dudes cruising along tend to follow the normal rules, man and wife do not.  Man and wife like to ride side by side in the road, and even in my Lezbaru Forrester I can not pass them without putting at least half my car into the other lane.  Luckily, in Vermont, even this blatant disregard for “Share the Road” etiquette has little negative affect for me as a driver, because in most cases no cars are coming from the other direction.  But I’m not sure that’s the point.

I’m pretty big in principal.  I know the two of you want to look cool in your matching Lance Armstrong outfits (or since you are probably even trendier, your Alberto Contador get ups), and you want to tell the world that you do everything together, but please…just ride behind one another.  First of all, it is incredibly dangerous, and secondly it makes you look really fucking lame.

And another thing…riding a bicycle is not exactly a safe sport.  So do me a favor and put away your damned Iphone while you are road biking.  None of us are in dire need to see some artsy shot of the sky, or the ground as you ride past it.  Actually I take some of that back, if you have a good shot to take, by all means, do it and post it on twitter or wherever for all I care, just pull the fuck over first.

Editors Note: Immediately after publishing this post, I texted Nifer to inform her it was live.  Knowing she is on a ride today, I figured I wouldn’t hear back.  10 seconds later I received, “Sweet! 20 miles in.” Think she pulled over to tell me?