SHE SAID: Winter

January 25, 2011

Being in Vermont in the winter is usually not that bad. We don’t get the wind whipping through the buildings off the water like Chicago.  We aren’t isolated for weeks whenever there is a large snowfall (although, one time, about 4 years ago there was a crazy storm and people were skiing to the grocery store or to try and locate a snow plow).  And despite cold temps we are still able to get out and enjoy all the awesomeness right outside the front door even if it means putting on two pairs of long underwear, fleece, wool, down and gore-tex.  I do have an issue with the fact that on the few occasions when the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky it always, always coincides with a high of -20, but there’s not really anything I can do about that other than write a strongly worded blog post.  Another time.

Jeremy and I didn’t coordinate before writing, but I’m wearing almost the same thing.  The only difference is my cashmere instead of his flannel.  More expensive, but it’s also softer, and warmer and I don’t feel like I’m making a tribute to the mid-nineties when I’m wearing it.

In that light, I would like to give recognition to some of my other cold weather staples.

My microwave booties.  I have no idea who makes you, and no idea how you came into my life, but when we ran out of oil last month and it was 45 degrees inside the house, I was singing your praises.

The Champion sweatpants that I have claimed as mine.  You know the old ones that are at least ten years old and make you look about 30 pounds heavier.  I live in those in the winter once I’ve come home from work.

Heated seats in my car.  I was all ready to buy a car last summer until my mother pointed out that it lacked heated seats.  Needless to say, I walked on that one.  I chalk up my stupidity on that one to the fact that it was summer and I wasn’t in winter mode, but it’s still a rookie move.  I would like to make heated steering wheels standard on any car with heated seats.  It can’t be that hard to throw a wire in the steering wheel.

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot toddies.  There is nothing like holding on to a hot cup of something with both hands when you’re cold.  Preferably while you’re donning some sweet microwave booties and ringing for the butler to bring you more bon bons.

The hot dog roll.  Take a blanket and spread it out on the floor.  Position yourself on one end of the blanket stomach up so it comes up to your armpits (you can do it under your neck, but I prefer being able to use my arms).  Commence rolling.

Hot showers.  I know it’s bad.  I know water consumption should be limited.  But when I’m freezing, I love a hot shower.  Scaldingly hot.  I like to think I make it up to the planet by being super conscientious in other environmentally friendly areas…

Wool socks.  I use ones knit by my grandmother.  You’re probably thinking at this point, wow, she’s hot.  And it’s true.  Between the booties, the sweats and the huge blanket I’m quite a vision in the evenings.

And last, but certainly not least: the man sharing my bed.  Oh how I love your patience with the icicles that are my toes.

SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays

December 13, 2010

He Said discussed breaking up with me…on the blog while we were socializing this weekend.  I’m hoping his threat is a result of his being alcoholically impaired because I realize I have not posted since November first…

I’m hoping this post is the beginning of the healing.

Donald.  We actually caught this in real time and rewound to watch it a few times.  Someone brilliantly added some fitting music to the clip which is available here on vimeo, but I wasn’t able to imbed that video  – wordpress issue.


Check out my friend’s work.  Great stuff from a talented guy.


Another good one, in the season, from my friend Maggie:


For those of you looking for a fun time on skis, there is a great event going on in Stowe on January 16th to raise money to groom the Stowe rec path this winter.  For more information, visit their site.

HE SAID: The 1990s

April 22, 2010

I feel like lots of my time on this blog has been devoted casual references to the epic 1980s.  And besides a few mentions of shows like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved by the Bell, we really haven’t given enough credence to the 1990s.  Lots of cool shit went down in the 90s, and I’d like to tell you about some of them

1. The first thing that stands out is 1990s movies that tried so desperately to pretend they were still in the 80s.  Side Out, Days of Thunder, Point Break, Aspen Extreme…all movies made in the 90s.  Hell, Aspen Extreme was made in 1993! Oh and sidenote – if you haven’t seen Side Out, the beach volleyball movie starring C. Thomas Howell and Courtney Throne Smith, netflix the shit out of it.  These movies, from the cheesy soundtracks to the wardrobes scream 1980s, and its sweet.

2. Remember when you could wear a flannel shirt because Eddie Vedder rocked one? Or a cardigan because Kurt Cobain made them popular (I refuse to mention Mr. Rogers, who still gives me nightmares)? Perhaps you forgot, which is easy to do because of all the indie hipsters out there who have made these articles of clothing impossible to wear without the requisite skinny jeans (luckily, we are somewhat safe in Vermont).

3. Speaking of Eddie and Kurt, on the whole the music produced in the 1990s was WAY more memorable than what we get these days.  40 years later and we still talk about the Beatles/Floyd/Zeppelin etc, and in 20 years bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam will still be known to all (and yes, U effing 2 – though they are an 80s and 90s band).  Hell even Britney Spears will probably be talked about, if only because she’ll be making her 17th comeback.  But music the past 10 years or so, while I’ve enjoyed it, has produced very few, if any bands or artists that have a good chance of making it well into our future. Lady Gaga included.

4. While the 1990s was a decade of futility for teams (Patriots made one super bowl, sucked the rest of the decade; Celtics had their second player in 7 years die of cocaine issues and were a joke; the Red Sox spawned teams that featured names like Damon Buford; and the Bruins weren’t even on anyone’s radar), they were in a sense more enjoyable to watch.  I didn’t know every single thing about every single player – from what PED they were taking to what nightclub they were at trying to have sex with a young coed.  I don’t condone this action, but sometimes ignorance is bliss.

5. I really feel like bad, yet incredibly watchable TV was paramount in the 90s (90210 will not be listed here, it is not a bad show) – Party of Five, Walker Texas Ranger, Melrose Place, Califronia Dreams, Saved the Bell: The College Years, Friends…yup, I said Friends, that show sucked.  Why? Cause Ross is a huge tool. He Said, OUT!

HE SAID: Highlights of my Ski Season

April 8, 2010

1. Getting my pass for a mere $400 because I’m a grad student.  Almost makes the $15,000 future masters degree worth it.

2. Seeing girls ski in sports bras on my last day when it was 80 degrees.  Note that I put saving money ahead of staring at chests…any single female readers out there, take note.  This is a good thing, right?

3. One weekend I had about 9 friends up skiing.  Three seperate groups of people.  It was not easy coordinating everything but I managed to ski with everyone at least a little.  How was everyone able to find me…I was wearing a jacket similar to the blue one piece you see on the right.  I can only imagine most people thought I was from New Jersey.

4. Though I saw very few this year, one Starter jacket on the mountain is enough to last a lifetime…not to mention the jeans and rear-entry boots that completed the outfit.

5. With regards to #3…that same weekend 4 of us were locked out of my apartment for various reasons at 2 am.  I was the only one halfway sober enough to try and figure out what to do.  We spent two hours in the local best western lobby (special thanks to the night auditor).  I was so frustrated at one point when I farted I thought I sharted.  I went into the bathroom and checked, I was clean.   Too much info? Sorry.  This actually isn’t a highlight yet…but I’m sure I’ll look back on it and laugh soon enough.

6.  Thanks to BSP, I skied history…the famed Bruce Trail at Stowe.  I may have looked like a ritard doing it, but I haven’t felt that accomplished on a pair of skis since Lost was still a good television show.

7. The debate with RH about whether or not it was legit to save a “cool” song to blast on purpose while getting your gear on in the parking lot.  I voted no.  I think you are lame if you save some sweet Marley or Sublime song to listen to simply so other people know you listen to cool music.  It screams lame…if you get lucky and it comes about naturally.   Feel free.  Of course, this is coming from the guy who once blasted “She’s like the Wind” by Patrick Swayze while I put my boots on.

8.  Riding the lifts with friends and making fun of people skiing. Thus determining that if we couldn’t make fun of others, and ourselves, we would literally have nothing to talk about.

9. Chili in a breadbowl on multiple occasions…and the poops later on.  That’s my second reference to poo this post…think I have some business to take care of.

SHE SAID: Highlights of my Ski Season

April 8, 2010

I’m writing this from Florida after spending endless days on the beach, in the never ending sun.  In short, my ski season couldn’t be further from my mind.  I’m having trouble remembering what day it is, and that it’s not August.

1. My son’s first run on the Mountain, or more accurately, up the Quad since he’s been slaying the Gondola since last winter.  Sharing my love of skiing with him has always been one of my favorite things, but sharing a ride up the Quad and bracing ourselves for the wind when the lift crests the top was far and away the highlight of my season.  Now if I could convince him that Toll Road wasn’t the best run …

snow igloo2. This isn’t a highlight of my season on skis, but in one 12 hour period we got 32 inches of snow.  I hear it was awesome up on the mountain.  All my potential sitters were skiing, so the little man and I spent the day building igloos, behemoth snowmen and jumping off of stuff into snowbanks.

3. Another highlight would have to be Valentine’s Day when some friends and I skinned up the Toll Road from the bottom, reaching Mansfield’s Octagon at 4:30 and skiing down the Bruce Trail only to finish the day with beers and pizza at the Matterhorn.  I feel like we hit up all the legendary Stowe spots in a matter of hours.

4. Getting the hell out of Stowe and apparently from Jeremy’s bowel movements that he feels the need to mention as often as possible.  Who are we kidding?!  We live in Vermont.  It’s cold, rarely snowy, or snowy enough to consider the conditions powder, and often times the conditions are colder than desirable and icy as all hell.  I mean, even if the conditions weren’t so typically Eastern, the mountain is small and the mountain company likes to stomp out potential excitement and challenging terrain by grooming the mountain to be accessible to all, no matter the trail rating.  You pay too much, wait too long in line, and have to offer up your first born in order to get a cup of weak Green Mountain Coffee (aka swill).  My last highlight would have to be getting the hell out of Stowe as frequently as possible and experiencing something other than ice, wind and cold.  I was thrilled to wake up to a weather report that didn’t include the phrase “wind chill” or an inflated or completely fabricated new snowfall.

SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

February 16, 2010


For those of you anywhere near the Stowe, Vermont area, the Stowe Derby is being held for the 65th time on February 28th. Participants can race in teams of four or individually and it can be taken seriously or all part of a fun morning that will keep you laughing for some time. Racers, and I use that term loosely, must choose one set of skis for the race, cross country or alpine, start at the top of Mount Mansfield and race into town. The first section of the race, since most opt for cross country skis, is pretty hysterical as participants clamor down the Toll Road trail looking all sorts of awkward. The second part winds through the village of Stowe (where the cross country skis come into play) and ends behind the local church.

For more information, click here. And for registration, click here.

Last year, Colin Reuter raced it and strapped a camera onto his boot. Keep in mind while viewing and laughing that these are some of the top racers behind him.  Imagine what the back of the pack looks like!  I’m trying to convince Jeremy to do it, video it, and throw it up here for fun.  He said he’ll think about it.



Ever wonder what Darth Vader sounded like before James Earl Jones got a hold of him? I was unaware that Darth Vader’s voice was done by JEJ until I saw this clip, but it’s pretty entertaining to hear Darth with a high voice and British accent.


United Breaks Guitars

Jeremy and I have posted on our woes while traveling.  This guys actually did something about it!

This musician spent over 9 months trying to get United to pay for damages caused by baggage handlers to his custom Taylor guitar ($3500) during his flight.  During his final exchange with the United Customer Relations Manager, he stated that he was left with no choice other than to create a music video for you tube exposing their lack of cooperation.
The Manager responded : “Good luck with that one, pal”.
So he posted a retaliatory video on you tube.  The video has since received over 5.5 million hits.  United Airlines contacted the musician and attempted settlement in exchange for pulling the video.
Naturally his response was: “Good luck with that one, pal”.

Thanks to my friend Kate for sending on the link.



Moth trails at night.  Caught for your viewing pleasure.  It’s pretty pretty.